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A primary school in Ryde has maintained its good Ofsted rating — but inspectors said more could be done to ensure all pupils achieve well.

Greenmount Primary School, on St Vincent’s Road (the former home of Mayfield Middle School) is said to be improving under a new headteacher, Samantha Cox, following an inspection before lockdown in March — retaining its ‘good’ rating.

In the past 2 years, Ofsted inspectors found pupils outcomes have been low but leaders have taken effective action to improve standards but there is still more to be done.

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Pupils at the school were found to enjoy their learning and were attentive and hardworking in lessons but changes made at the school, including building works, had left some parents unsettled about their child’s education.

In the recently published Ofsted inspection report, the watchdog found the school had prioritised raising pupils achievement – drawing on training from the Isle of Wight Council to improve teaching in English and Maths, helping the children to learn and remember more.

Speaking to some of the staff, inspectors found many had responded positively to raised expectations but others felt overwhelmed by the extent of the changes and not as supported as they would like.

In other foundation subjects, like history, music and arts, pupils’ knowledge and skills are not built as securely over time, but that is starting to improve.

Senior leaders had not shared a clear vision for what they wanted pupils to learn, with subject leaders needing more direction, time and training to carry out the developing work.

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For pupils with special education needs and/or disabilities (SEND), improvements had been made to support them, with needs clearly identified.

Pupils who attend Greenhaven, the specialist unit, now spend more time learning in the main school as the curriculum is adapted to meet the teaching needs of SEND students which inspectors saw early signs these measures were beneficial.

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quite easy to maintain standards in a school that has been shut.
Teachers in all schools are doing everything they can to lounge around at home, instead of being in the classroom.
The rest of us have had to work through this covid crap – and so should you lot.

IQ over 70

Bored and liquid lunch, again?


Greenmount has been open every day apart from weekends, including bank holidays and all half term holidays with all staff working harder then we ever have before.
Not only looking after children in school but also families at home, supporting them and teaching a virtual classroom.


Greenmount has been open every day looking after key worker and vulnerable children. They only closed at weekends. Not only have they provided a safe environment for our children, they managed it all while building works have been done, having families to look after at home and juggling a work/home balance with their own children. You really need to get your facts straight before you try and slate a schools and its teachers. Without the school being open many people would not have been able to work through this “covid crap”. Let’s just hope Greenmount never has to endure your… Read more »


good comment

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