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The development of the Isle of Wight Council’s new recycling and waste treatment plant at Forest Park in Newport led to Police escorting 2 large loads through the streets yesterday evening (Tuesday).

Traffic was brought to a halt in places as 2 low loaders negotiated the twists and turns between the Fishbourne ferry terminal and Forest Road, near Gunville. Police outriders assisted with the escort – a requirement given the size of the vehicles, each carrying up to 80tonne.

Under the white covers are trommel screens, like giant tumble dryer drums, that sort recycling by shape and size before it is graded and separated to be recycled.

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Tomorrow (17th May) even more large parts will arrive on the Isle of Wight via Medina Wharf in Cowes. They will be taken to an undisclosed location near Newport to be stored before being transported to Forest Park on 29th May.

The Forest Road site is an important part of the Council’s aim to divert 90% of waste away from landfill and recycle 55% of household waste by 2020. The site will take kerbside domestic waste and will also be available for businesses and private waste carriers to dispose of their recycling and waste to avoid landfill.

Natasha Dix, council waste and recycling manager, said:

“The council is striving to achieve zero non-essential waste to landfill and to recycle all resources wherever possible. The mechanical treatment part of the site will see all dry recycling sorted and graded here on the Island, ready for market.

“The plant will also sort black bag waste, pulling out the lower quality recyclables, also for market, before converting up to 44,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste to fuel for the energy from waste part of the site, which is set to produce 23,000 megawatt hours of energy per year, once up and running.”

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