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How the potato peeler looked previously

Fat Harry’s fish and chip shop has been awarded an improved 3-star food hygiene rating just weeks after the establishment was taken to court.

As previously reported by Island Echo, Fat Harry’s chippy, located in the High Street, Sandown, was deemed to be so unclean that the Isle of Wight Council brought charges against the business for contravening/failing to comply with EU provision concerning food safety and hygiene.

The decision to take the business to court only came about after Fat Harry’s failed a staggering 7 inspections since 2010. The last rating was issued on 7th December 2018 at just 1 star, a marginal improvement from the 0 stars given in May of the same year.

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Now, inspectors have recorded an improvement in the facilities and have awarded a food hygiene rating of 3 – generally satisfactory. This is the highest rating the shop has had in at least 5 years.

Inspectors have declared that hygienic food handling is good, but that the cleanliness and conditions of facilities and building are only generally satisfactory, as is the management of food safety.

The Isle of Wight Magistrates Court heard last month how staff failed to effectively clean and, where necessary, disinfect equipment which food came into contact with. No hand basins were provided for staff to clean their hands and generally the premises had not been kept in a good state of repair. There was also a failure to maintain a permanent procedure based on ‘HACCP principles’.

Ceilings and overhead fixtures were not finished to prevent the accumulation of dirt and reduce condensation, the growth of undesirable moulds or shedding of particles. Floor surfaces were not maintained in a sound condition so as to be easy to clean and, where necessary, disinfected.

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After seven wornigs under this management who in there right mind would trust them to change there ways, the council can give them a hundred stars for all I care, you can’t change some people….


Still dont fancy buying anything there

Bob Frapples

If you look at the back of the shop down Town lane before you eat from there you’ll go somewhere else and be careful not to slip on the river of oil running down the road
Filthy place


3 star is barely satisfactory, obviously they take their customers health seriously. Minging place


You shouldn’t need ONE warning when providing food to the public, let alone several. This means cleanliness does not come naturally to the owner and so the ONLY reason it has slightly improved.

Soon as eyes are not watching, then back to normal imo.

People should vote with their feet if they have any sense.


Tarmac over it

Old bean

Still wouldn’t eat there now it’s been rechecked and got 3 they will go back to there filthy ways

J Sandown

Seriously 3 stars after just a few weeks and while closed to the public? Someone on the IOW Council has taken a back hander here! Same staff, same low standards and same inedible food. Time to close their doors permanently and make room for a decent chippy. Sandown residents deserves better and so do our unsuspecting Tourists.

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