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A charity donation bin has become the target of fly-tippers who are taking advantage of the fact the donation point hasn’t been emptied during the national lockdown.

Residents in Binstead have become concerned about the persistent problem of large numbers of black bags and other waste being dumped beside the British Heart Foundation charity bin on St Vincent’s Road.

Due to the bin being full, genuine donations have then been left externally which has then led to waste being dumped there too. This has been going on for over 4 weeks and was originally brought to the attention of the wider community by local resident Rob Whapham.

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Large piles of rubbish were cleared on public health grounds 3 days in a row last week, only for another mountain of black bags to appear the next day.

Ryde West Neighbourhood Watch is urging residents to dispose of waste appropriately.

Local coordinator Stuart Brown has said:

“Both the local authority and the British Heart Foundation are aware of the issues and are looking at solutions.

“I urge residents to please dispose of waste appropriately and I ask any residents that witness acts of fly-tipping to contact the Isle of Wight Council on 01983 821000, quoting reference IW21/2/32473”.

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Karen O’Donoghue, Head of Retail Partnerships at the British Heart Foundation said:

“Since the start of the latest lockdown we have had instances of items being left outside our shops and donation banks, with over 180 cases in total since January 1st. Sadly, due to lockdown, we are currently unable to process and sell these items as normal, which means they go to waste if left outside.

“The cost of removal is dependent on the number of items left, with an average price of around £100 per instance. We are working closely with local councils to try and keep the cost of these waste collections down and would encourage customers to kindly hold on to their donations until we can reopen and once again begin selling items across our network of nationwide shops and stores”.

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Isle of wighter
Isle of wighter
2 days ago

well – perhaps if the council ensured that its contractor collected the rubbish, that we pay for in council tax then this wouldn’t be an issue.

we pay the council through council tax to collect rubbish – so do it, wherever you see it.

Nick Black
Nick Black
2 days ago

Here’s a radical solution – why don’t the BHF arrange to empty the donation point!

2 days ago

This council only ‘take more’ never ‘give more’.

Think about this in May

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