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The Isle of Wight Council has announced that the Cowes Floating Bridge will be out of service until the end of next week.

It had been hoped that, following considerable progress to repair the prow and hinge mechanism on the vessel,  Floating Bridge No.6 would be back in service at the start of next week. However, following the assessment of work and parts required today, it is not a simple fix, as had been hoped.

This is due to additional works being required as well as the supply and fitting of both standard and bespoke parts. Once the prow and hinge repairs have been completed, a crane will be used to lift the prow section back into place. Both prows will then be tested and once this is satisfactorily completed, it is hoped the vessel will be back in service at the end of the week.

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The foot passenger launch will remain in place in the meantime, offering a shuttle service between 05:00 to 23:00 daily, until the floating bridge is back in service.

A spokesperson for the Isle of Wight Council says:

“We apologise again for the inconvenience and thank residents for their patience as well as the staff and engineers on site who are working as hard as they can to get the service back up and running”.

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Floating Bridge, StMarys roundabout, Island roads, our council is a joke.


Build a fixed link to Cowes. 😀 😉

Lord Lucan

Buy a few more link them together there you go job done

David Hogg

Yes Richard that would be good I will have a chat with Boris as he is flashing the money

West Wighter

Don’t be silly! how on earth do expect the council to organise that!
Even if they did it would fall apart and spend more time closed than open.
Don’t forget our council are brain dead!!

Yokel Local

This is an easy misunderstanding.
Obviously a fix by simpletons should not be confused with a simple fix.


Litter the end .

Old bean

Richard you have taken words out of my mouth

Duane Cardell

WHY ISNT THE JENNY BOAT FREE…??? Especially in the mornings when everyone is late… Give something back instead of take take take….. Bloody council.

bob bollocks

floating bridge…st marys …northwood stores road resurface this island is a fuxxing joke the council hav,nt a clue whats going on its pathetic..misery for all now and to come for many months…its alright though council tax up next year to sort it all out…ye right..tosseerrss

Fed up

My words exactly Richard a Joke

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