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Emergency services have been mobilised to a road traffic collision on the outskirts of Newport this afternoon (Wednesday). 

The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service, Isle of Wight Ambulance Service and Police have all been sent to Long Lane where the occupants of at least 1 vehicle are trapped.

Long Lane has been closed to traffic in both directions.

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The incident has occurred near to the junction of Buckbury Lane and the business park.

Motorists are to divert locally via Briddlesford Road, Whiterails Road & Staplers Road in both directions while emergency services deal with the incident.

UPDATE @ 12:20 – The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance has now landed at the incident, touching down in a field beside the carriageway.

Southern Vectis buses are affected by the road closure. Route 8 will divert from Robin Hill via Briddlesford Rd, Whiterails Road to Staplers Rd.

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UPDATE @ 12:50 – 1 male is being conveyed to St Mary’s Hospital by land as a result of the collision, which has involved a Honda Civic and a black Vauxhall Zafira.

Police are urging motorists to avoid the area.

HIOWAA has lifted off from the scene and is returning to base.

UPDATE @ 13:55 – Long Lane has now re-opened in both directions.

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What is wrong with the drivers on this Island..


Very few police around on the island now, and all the dangerous drivers know it.

The Tonk

Too many people on road designed for carts, not impatient, drug, alcohol, or just risk taking drivers, most of whom the overtaking will make seconds difference to their ‘arrival time’ yet risk others lives in doing so.

Why Police don’t endorse cheap hi tech hidden cameras for speeding cars at least on random roads is crazy.

Yet even crazier, the greedy short sighted council will build thousands of extra homes, with even more thousands of extra cars to add to the accidents, queues, and frustration on our inadequate roads.

VOTE them OUT.

Mumma Bear

The council is told by parliament now many houses they have to build ,they don’t just think of a number. Why don’t you stand next if you think it’s so easy.

Arthur Sausage

It’s the mobile hedge, fence & bank syndrome.


What a lot of horrible people you! You don’t even know the circumstance as to how the accident happened. Get a life!


Same old moronic comments from moronic posters who can’t wait for the circumstances to be released. Wish the the unfortunate driver that was conveyed to hospital is not seriously injured and makes a speedy recover.

All knowing

And you do ‘know’? This board is for discussion, suppositions and opinions, the article above is for the news and the known facts which are in early times sketch at best.

Pointless just all writing ‘Hope no one hurt’ etc etc, we ALL hope that, goes WITHOUT saying.


Jeez chill out mush.theyre all likely talking sense and the reality of our poor drivers over here.stop bejng so miserable and over dramatic


This is not a comment regarding this accident but there needs to be hidden speed cameras along the road into Yarmouth – supposed to be 30 mph but rarely do you see anyone going that slowly. The government could make a lot of money there and maybe save someone’s life one day.


Problem is there only hidden until someone finds them,then just like the old ones some low life sets fire to them.

A Blackburn

At least for awhile it may make them think that they might get caught.

John Smith

The collision was nothing to do with speed. It was caused as a result of one of the hermes drivers pulling out in front of another car. Their car was loaded with parcels so much that their view was restricted out of their side window. I would expect the police to prosecute for driving without due care and attention.

Last edited 8 days ago by John Smith

If this is true, a Hermes driver being so loaded up with parcels that their vision was restricted, then this vehicle shouldn’t have even been on the road. In addition, I feel if Hermes (or any courier company) are forcing their employees to drive vehicles which are overloaded, (which sounds like it was), they should be held accountable. Just my opinion, as clearly things like this will result in incidents and someone getting hurt, as on this occasion.

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