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The Government has confirmed that face coverings will have to be worn in shops and supermarkets from Friday 24th July – but the Police say they simply can’t enforce it.

Islanders who go against the new rules could be fined £100 – reduced to £50 if paid within 2 weeks – but this will be policed by Hampshire Constabulary, not shop workers. However, John Apter, the chairman of the Police Federation, has said there simply isn’t enough Police officers to carry out the task.

There are some exceptions to wearing a face covering – children under 11 are not required to wear a mask or covering, nor are those with certain disabilities including those who have difficulty due to a mental disability.

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The idea is to not only protect those who work in retail but to instil more confidence in shoppers to really kick-start the economy and potentially save the High Street.

Those who do not wear a face covering can be refused entry into a premises.

Face coverings are already compulsory on public transport and Islanders have to wear face coverings when visiting the hospital or doctors. This latest development will bring England in line with Scotland and European countries such as Spain and Italy.

Speaking earlier today, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said:

“In recent weeks, we have reopened retail. We want to give more confidence.

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“Sales assistants, cashiers and security gaurds have suffered disproportionally in this crisis. As we restore shopping, so we must keep our shop keepers safe”.

A spokesperson for Downing Street has said:

“There is growing evidence that wearing a face covering in an enclosed space helps protect individuals and those around them from coronavirus.

“The prime minister has been clear that people should be wearing face coverings in shops and we will make this mandatory from 24 July.”

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Real Islander



If it saves lives it will be worth it .

Perry Hill

As I said months ago, HMG know we will all likely catch CV, it is all about stemming the amount entering Hospitals so they can cope.
Not good for the ‘party’ should people not be admitted and die in their own homes, don’t you know, what


Saves lives from what? Nobody wore them at the height of the epidemic.

Opinions Matter

To Tony. There are and will continue to be a lot of holiday makers here on the island until late August early September. Earlier this year the island was very quiet, we were basically in lockdown then. Ok, we have seen numbers of infections and sadly, deaths but with a lot more people coming and going on/off the island, face masks are a must. This government should have made them mandatory sooner, but like everything they do, it’s all too slow. Shops should refuse entry to anyone who will not cover their face with a covering, does not have to… Read more »


Does that include their staff and how is this going to help shops from going bust

John Gullible

Think long term. Yes. Without business shops will go bust. That’s a fact. In the short term right now, there’s a virus killing hundreds of thousands of people and we need to return to ‘normal’ very carefully. In the long term if things are not done carefully businesses and the economy will be in an even worst state than now. A second wave is common and very much due unless we take actions to reduce the risks. A second lockdown would be terrible and very much avoidable. Business is vital, business is good. Think long term not short term. The… Read more »


It will give people more confidence to go into a shop therefore spending money. Not exactly rocket science.

Opinions Matter

To Steve. Obviously this rule includes staff having to wear a covering. If someone needs something badly enough they will go the shop and buy what they need. Once people get used to the idea after a while it will not seem so strange having to put on a covering. Remember, this will be part of the ‘new normal’ as well as social distancing which could be with us for a considerable amount of time yet.


Listen to what they have said shop workers don’t have to wear them


Why ..? What’s the point in it all then ….

Karn Evil 9

holiday makers I have noticed seem to not give stuff about wearing a mask or face coverings.


Coming from Germany, I have been used to wearing masks for quite some time, so it is nothing new to me and has become a normality. Dont throw all holiday makers into thebad basket`!


Obviously why there were so many deaths and confirmed cases. Why risk a second peak? Wear a mask and reduce the spread of the virus.


It won’t save lives, but cost more.
According to expert knowledge, the virus will not be filtered out by the mask, but can pass straight through. Once there, it can enjoy the warm damp environment within the mask to breed and multiply..
The only “benefit” to the wearing of masks, is a certain feel good factor and it makes the government look as though it is doing something..


How is it tyranny???
It’s simple common courtesy for those around you. I already wear a mask in shops and when walking down busy high streets and I’m thankful I do as last week in Newport some trampy nasty disgusting woman was coughing without covering her mouth. Absolutely nasty so tyranny NO and protection of people YES

In my opinion this should’ve already been made mandatory.

Real Islander

Tyranny meaning – ” Arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.” There is no evidence that the wearing of a mask stops covid. The wearing of the mask reduces oxygen by up to 20%. It also increases toxic inhalation and shuts down your immune system. So if people want to wear a mask it should be a free choice, forced wearing is oppressive and will lead to forced vaccinations…which contain an ingredient called MC5, if you are unaware of what this is I would suggest you look on Gov.org website and find out.We are supposed to live… Read more »


Aren’t pubs enclosed spaces

Don't tell him pike.

Absolute nonsense .I’m not going to wear muzzle.

Ed Down

Then you won’t get served anywhere. Simples

Cassie Ra

So when I go shopping in Morrisons I have to wear a face covering, but as soon as I enter the Morrisons cafe I am allowed to remove it? Makes perfect sense

John Gullible

Think outside the box.

When sat in a cafe inside a shop you are in a shop. A shop cafe. Keep the mask on.


How are you supposed to eat and drink!?

Original Mark

How exactly do you propose eating or drinking with a mask on? That is the point of sitting in the cafe after all.


We the public must wear masks in all shops but the staff don’t where is the logic in that. Whoever made this decision should make 1 more and retire

Karn Evil 9

staff are highly recommended to wear a mask, I know I will be.


Staff should hopefully be wearing them too, won’t be difficult considering a shop isn’t as hot as a care home or hospital but the staff in such establishments have to wear a lot more PPE than just a mask and sometimes working 14 hour shifts.

Original Mark

Whilst I’m fully supportive of anything that saves lives, Matt Hancock’s statement makes it clear that this is more about appearance than any real benefit or protection. It is more about politics and media pressure than real science.
The so called evidence for wearing them includes a study where they “proved” that covering your face with a wet flannel reduces droplet transmission.
Oddly enough they don’t mention any studies that look at the efficacy of a random bit of cloth loosely draped over your lower face and soaked in contaminated saliva.

West Wighter

Well done that was breaking news yesterday

Karn Evil 9

If you go into a shop wear a mask, shop workers are “highly recommended” to wear them, so just wear a mask in any shop. If you don’t wear a mask you will not be let in. Simple. It;s not tyranny, its not too late, just do it. If you don’t wear a mask it is showing total contempt and lack of respect.

Roger Clark

That is probably right but as someone who has been shielding since March I find it very hard to comply because of my medical problems. The clinic say I am exempt but they will not give me a letter to or a badge so I will not be able to go in any shops or travel on Public transport unless they take my word for it so technically I am still isolated and am unable to explain this to anyone else in shops or on transport


But you can go to a pub and eat and drink with no mask.

Karn Evil 9

If you do then you are a fool.

John Gullible

I very much welcome the introduction of face masks. I think we should all be working together to try and get the economy going whilst being cautious and reducing spread of the virus.

This can and will save lives.


Totally agree with you, such a small ask really. Not exactly difficult.


what virus open ur eyes its all fear and if u cut ur oxygen supply lower your immune system so when next seasonal flu comes your get it twice as bad because your body cant fight it.


Everything you just said is wrong. Please don’t spread misinformation. people wear a masks all the time and never feel the affects of reduce oxygen. Bob, what you say is false information.


Is it really is that why been proven there bad for your health

Red Squirrel

After speaking to a surgeon friend yesterday i was told this is complete rubbish so try and find something else to try to frighten people with you moron.

Mrs brown

Well they would say that wouldn’t they! Think you are the moron! Believe anyone with a profession on what they say!

Black Rat

You really are a first class pratt and one of justices klingons. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being so stop being a troll and get back under your Rock where you came from. You are the type that critisice front line staff like myself but the first to demand help when needed, believe me if I were the call taker for you I would politely tell you to foxtrot oscar, pondlife like you make me puke.

Red sqirrel

Honestly one brain cell and you would pass as a yoghurt. You obviously dispise people with intelligence as you lack the education you so desperately need. The words go forth and multiply come to mind, you obviously wouldn’t understand what that means so ask an adult and they will tell you, you pathetic creature.

Mrs brown

Black rat & red squirrel… your both to funny! I’m also a key worker get a grip you both sound like a couple of bitches in the school playground.


Oh some serious jumper stretching and hair pulling
going on here …lol

Ali Assim

Sadly service with a smile seems to be a thing of the past in many island shops so wearing a mask is the last straw and I can see a lot of shops losing out to online.
One thing lock down taught me is just about everything is available on line and is often much cheaper.


all the sheeple are now required to wear state sponsored muzzles wherever they go.
Still – one upside – shoplifters can rob without worrying about CCTV.


What’s a sheeple?

Red sqirrel

Normally known as a troll like anon but to people with intelligence he is known as a Klingon.

Not so confused now

just got it! Sheep and people…


Everyone who calls people ‘sheeple’ are in fact the sheeple as they listen to conspiracy theories pushed out by the unscrupulous who make money by spreading false information, lies and conspiracy theories.

Mr justice

Facts john facts! The only lies are what the liars( government and MSM) are pushing out, and they have been caught doing it ! AND you still believe them!? You need to open up your eyes before it’s to late, but I fear folk like you,its already to late.


Do this but not that, do it now and not before, oh dear we have changed out mind, hang on, we will make it more than a guideline this time.
The Police can fine people who do not toe the new line, which by the way is so important, they are not bringing it in straight away.
Another script for a remake of “Yes Prime Minister”
The script writers must have enough now for nearly 30 shows.


I will be ordering on line now as I feel uncomfortable wearing them , sorry independent shops on island but wont c me for a while


Too little too late. Why wait 11 days? Why now and not at the peak? Why shops but not pubs?
As usual no consistency. The government haven’t a clue.

Mrs brown

Because it’s all bs.. took you long enough to get it!

Mr justice

Hi mrs brown, I’ve kept of this subject for a while, just to see all that we have been saying has become true, and wow! Now the pressure has ramped up, theres a lot less sheep I see,lol. Wait till it ramps again, like we said? Must go as I’m starting to gloat. See you on the next installment.

Red sqirrel

The twat has resurfaced and you promised to have left this forum as it was for adults only, feeling lonely as a troll were you

Mr justice

You have such a bad memory, I said I would only come back when things happen like I said it would! Well, told you so! Not so many idiots as you on here anymore,you and that fool opinions matter seem to be losing your sheep people. So now disappear down the hole you came from please.

Island resident

I’m sorry but it still stands that this should of been brought in at the beginning of this situation not now its ridiculous.
So now the issue will be getting hold of enough masks to see you through because the shops will be looted of them, and prices should be fixed on them as the prices have hiked big time for masks.
Not against the use of them but find that it would of been alot more beneficial to have brought the mandatory use of masks in at the start of all this.


Another way to make money with fines the mask dont stop nothing and there is no virus about time people woke up boycot the shops shop online dont be a sheep

The voice of reason

Oh dear!

Opinions Matter

To Bob. Have you heard the saying “if you can’t say anything sensible don’t say nothing at all” ? Why are you still spouting this shit and saying there is no virus? Stop embarrassing yourself man, you are a disgrace and unbelievably ignorant and so disrespectful to all the people who have lost their lives and loved ones to this virus. Fool.

Real Islander

Then why is it you are talking ???

Red sqirrel

Because opinions matter has a brain unlike a troll like yourself that hasn’t even got one brain cell in their head you idiot.

Inbred iowter

Medical reasons, mental problems ,are they going to be issued papers to prove their problems when stopped by police or refused entry by shops if not how can they prove they are exempt wil their word be good enough

Island resident

Knowing the govt they probably haven’t even thought of that yet to far ahead for them


Can anyone explain why the people serving you in the shops do not have to wear a face covering???


Thank goodness this will protect us from the holiday makers and old biddies who don’t give
a thought for anybody else.


You again! You really have a problem with women don’t you? Statistically it’s men that don’t or won’t wear them not women. They’re used to looking after others!


To all the people who think that they should not have to wear a mask. You’re demonstrating how self centred you really are. It’s not for you, it’s for others, it slows down the spread. I would say anyone with any bug (like a bit of flu) you should have the common decency to protect others and wear a mask.


Well said John


Just wonder how the small shops are going to cope with the non compliants

Brenda Plumbley

CanYou wear a face vicer in stead of a mask

Ryde Reader

Smacks of ‘after the horse has bolted’. I will wear the mask in shops because the Government have said so. But the local shops will have to go without my business, I shall return to shopping for just the necessities again. Shame, I was getting used to being able to buy when and where I wanted. Masks are uncomfortable, hot, stuffy and it doesn’t seem to have been proved that they are beneficial.


It has been proven. Masks work.
Not wearing a mask 17% risk of infection
Wearing a mask risk 3% risk of infection
Don’t believe me, read the evidence.

Real Islander

no it has not !


May be not a case of “better late than never” but more like “shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted”.
If wearing masks was proved to be of benefit and made mandatory it should have been done at the beginning in March.

Ally Reed

When the government insisted they are totally pointless.

Ed Down

I don’t really know what to believe about the virus but that’s irrelevant to the topic at hand.

The point is if you don’t wear a mask in a shop you won’t get served, doesn’t matter if you believe it’s right or wrong. Deal with it.


I won’t be wearing one. More chance of dying from a heat stroke in Summer wearing one than catching this ‘virus’.

Ed Down

I hope you weren’t planning on buying anything then then

Opinions Matter

Oh just put on a mask/face covering if you want to go into a shop and stop bloody whinging. You won’t have to wear it for long, just walk round the shop quicker and get out! At the mo we don’t have to wear one as soon as we step outside our front door, only on public transport, shops, GP surgery and hospitals, watch this space. Other countries stipulate ‘outdoor spaces’. We know our government is slow to react….

Last edited 22 days ago by Opinions Matter
No name

A bit late now 4 months into pandemic. Bloody idiots.


A lot of this is propaganda with a dash of scare mongering also a bid to raise a bit of revenue with £100 fines …how the hell can that be policed .? ,,shop keepers dont have to wear masks !! What’s the bloody point in that,, nor do police …..

Mr justice

So the office of statistics just released that the uk has the lowest deaths in the uk for last 5 years! And you still believe this bullshit covid 19!?

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