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Dinopearl2Dinosaur experts and jewellers alike are waiting with baited breath for results on a giant ‘pearl-like’ object discovered at Chilton Chine near Brighstone on the Isle of Wight.

The phenomenon is either the largest pearl ever found on record, or the fossilised ‘deposits’ of a marine reptile rumoured to have lived off the coast of the island during the Cretaceous period.

April Jolie from Cowes, was walking her dog earlier this morning when she made the startling discovery which is almost 11 inches in length. She said:

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“I didn’t know who to call first, of course it looks like a pearl, but it also really does look like dinosaur poop.”

Experts at the Dinosaur Isle Museum are hoping that this revelation will finally confirm the existence of the Margaritas Stercoribus Dinosaurum, or as staff affectionately call it, Marge. They would like to prove that this fish eating reptile not only lived locally, but also had a strangely singular diet.

Alex Peaker , Assistant Community Learning Officer at Dinosaur Isle said:

“This could mean all the difference to us. If we can prove that Marge lived here we’d have a monster news story on our hands. This type of Plesiosaur (a creature similar in appearance to the Loch Ness monster) has been found before with fish scales in its stomach, but we genuinely believe their diet was mainly oysters.

“To discover fossilised excrement of this nature could finally answer this question.

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“The idea that it is a giant pearl is just too fishy to us.”

However,  Rossanne Burfoot  from Isle of Wight Pearl which is based not far from the bay where the item was discovered does not share this viewpoint.

“You can imagine we’re all rather excited – either way this is a significant find – but we’re obviously hoping that it is a pearl.  The Isle of Wight is famous as a Dinosaur Isle but this find will mean that ‘Home of Pearls’ finally surpass this reputation.”

There are concerns that if this is proved to be a giant pearl it could start a frenzy of gem hunters flocking to the Isle of Wight. Reports have already suggested that local people have been seen unseasonably early on the beach.


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