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East Cowes Town Council is very pleased to welcome a new councillor to their ranks.

Councillor Cameron Palin was the successful candidate following a co-option process and the council officially welcomed him at their Full Council meeting on 19th November 2020.

At just 18 years of age, he is believed to be the youngest parish councillor in the country. Councillor Palin has a wide range of skills and interests and is very keen to represent views of the younger sector of the East Cowes community.

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Cameron said:

“Over the last 4 years I have been working closely with the East Cowes community on a variety of issues including the Floating Bridge, Umbrella tree and on town regeneration. This work showed me the vital role our town councils play, and to have now been co-opted onto the East Cowes Town Council is a complete honour.

“I would make it my focus to get the younger demographic more engaged and have discussions with them about what they would like to see in our town as it is their future and they should be involved in shaping their town”

Councillor Jane Rann, Mayor of East Cowes said:

“I, together with my fellow Councillors, look forward to working with our new Osborne Ward Town Councillor. I feel the Town Council and the community will greatly benefit from his enthusiasm and youthful knowledge.”

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A new skate board park and free Sweeties on the next agenda.

Just joshing, great to see someone young care for our towns. Also most of the young are not so corrupt as they have ideals not just greed and self interest as our main council.

Vote him in, and them OUT.

not old enough

Councillor Palin has a wide range of skills……

at 18, his skill set is likely to be limited to ..tying his laces, making his bed, being home on time and making sure that he does not enter a newsagents with more than two of his friends.

he will not be taken seriously by residents who are older and wiser than him and he will fall for all the tricks the older and more experienced staff will use, to ensure they get their own way

Helen Highwater

Clearly “not old enough” lives up to his name. Anyone who knows Cllr Palin will recgonise that he brings maturity and perception beyond his years, and as others have pointed out, does not suffer the corruptibility of some of his peers.
Keep up the good work, Cameron, and well done ECTC for recognising an excellent candidate!


I note Helen, that you have been derogatory towards “not old enough”, which means you have sunk to the same level and as such, your opinion no longer has any credibility.

Palin is a a teenager – that is enough to enable those who are slightly more astute to recognise the fact that he does not have the requisite life experience to hold a role of this calibre. In twenty years he might be a more accomplished individual, however, at present, no, he is not. His only experience of life is school and living at his parents.

Gabe G

The boy would struggle to shave let alone sort out the floaty mcboaty bridge . Up the tories .


He’s 18 years old,give him a chance,most 18 year olds have all the answers,they’ve been there done it,worn the T shirt.


I’ve met him so know he’s an asshole think ill be sticking to Conservative always disliked the Green Party anyway so can’t say o cat too much.


Brown party more like. Red and green = brown.

Helen Highwater

Well, Bob, as a Tory who’s “always disliked the Green Party” we can’t rely too much on your impatial assessment, can we? Even if it were written in English.

Ally Reed

I’d have more respect for someone who achieved something because of their effort, talent, intelligence… to strive to be a councillor at the age of 18 you’re either brainwashed by inbred east cowes mummy and daddy or a total richard.

Helen Highwater

As one with an EC Mummy and Daddy, now long-deceased, I take the strongest exception to this post and have asked for the poster to be barred.

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