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The driver of a van has been arrested by Police on suspicion of motoring and drugs offences following a pursuit in Cowes yesterday (Sunday).

A white Suzuki van failed to stop for officers on Pallance Road, Cowes at around 16:18.

Police pursued the van through the streets of Cowes and down Arctic Road. It is here that the van collided with a set of gates at the entrance to Isle of Wight Aggregates.

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The driver fled the scene and headed towards the Cowes to Newport cycle track. However, it didn’t take long for officers to locate and arrest the man.

The unnamed individual was arrested on suspicion of failing to stop, drug driving and possession with intent to supply a class A drug. He was also arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon – an axe.

He remains in custody at this time.


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Let justice be done

Good . Another leach on society has been caught. Drugs destroy lives , and the consequences of drug dealers activity have widespread and very damaging consequences.
The costs both psychologically, physically and financially are huge. if guilty he should get a substantial sentence and have his assets seized. Anyone with information on any drug dealers should tell the police. We need to think of the damage they inflict, and the e mayhem their activities cause for the rest of us.


Well said, absolutely spot on.


Or maybe we should be looking at reforming drugs policy. Take the money out of the hands of these individuals? Where there is opportunity, opportunists will follow.
Whilst also treating addiction as a chronic lifelong condition rather than criminalising people who need real help and access to care.


Start by decriminalising Cannabis as is the case in many countries. No ( or little) profit there for criminals.Then the police can put more resources into the real hard stuff- cocaine and heroin. Then add heroin ‘safe’ houses where they can get their safe hit and not be hounded. I agree with Anonymous- it’s a life long condition. There’s one in my family and it’s a living nightmare.


People down voting this comment are the reason nothing will change. The war on drugs does not work. Regulating and taxing them does. I don’t see why people have such a hard time with this concept

Just me

Anonymous, you are correct of course but the whip and hang em brigade won’t like it x

Old bean

That prick nearly had head on with me in place road glad police caught him hope he gets banged up for long time

Az-zahra Aziz

I ‘have’ the answer. But fear many of you are too unintelligent to ‘understand it’. But, for the few who may, this is it. HMG need to legalise the ‘SALE’ of cannabis, BUT make it ILLEGAL to use it. THINK, if capable before criticising. By doing so, those who indulge, could buy such at lower prices, as it would be commercially grown and taxed. They could take it into their home and smoke, eat or whatever they choose to do, albeit illegally. BUT as there would be little ‘risk’ of being ‘caught’ they would be relatively safe in doing so.… Read more »


There is strong evidence that prohibition does not work. It just gives a revenue stream to criminals. But my concern is the wider implication to society. Anyone who has or does live near a pub knows how disruptive their customers can be at times. And alcoholism is one of the worst and most destructive addictions. And we wish to add to this the spectre of an increase in drug use and addiction? We should all be free to do what we wish to our own bodies but the problem is that when we do others are expected to pay the… Read more »

Zack Zuck

Or you could just not drink as much?????
I can tell you’re an alcoholic and I don’t even need to smell your breath

Let justice be done

I am not a member of the whip em and hang em brigade but legalisation of cannabis is probably not the answer The organised criminals will still profit by avoiding the taxes and license fees incurred by Legal Sellers and will tempt vulnerable people by incorporating additives into their cannabis or by supplying the more toxic and stronger varieties Of course victims should be given support and safe supervised consumption rooms as part of weaning them off addictive drugs . I am not wanting to punish the victims of this toxic trade. I do still believe that breaking up supply… Read more »


Perhaps a thank you to the police wouldn’t go a miss! Well done

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