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A collaborative exhibition which casts new light on renowned photographer Julia Margaret Cameron is showing at her former home in Freshwater until the end of the year.

Entitled ‘Out of the Shadows’, the exhibition is now on view at Dimbola Museum and Galleries in Freshwater.

Created by 9 artists from Quay Crafts, with input from a number of their friends, this exhibition explains the themes, pre-occupations and surroundings of Julia and her friends, known as the Freshwater Circle.

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During Julia’s time at Freshwater, Dimbola witnessed visits from artists, writers and poets including the Poet Laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson, Lewis Carroll, William Thackeray and G F. Watts.

‘Out of the Shadows’ has created connections between artists working in a range of disciplines, leading to new collaborations, partnerships and possibilities.

Quay Crafts Group and their friends have produced a mix of contemporary art, craft, poetry, dance, film and photography. Alongside this, they have formulated a season of special events including talks, performances and workshops.

Mary Flynn co-ordinated this event and contributed her own mixed media works, as did Chris Lines. Sally Woodford provided her ceramics while photography is courtesy of Zoe Barker. Textiles were the province of Mandy Bangerter, Diana Parsons and Lindsey Taylor whilst Margaret Moore and Minette Dogilewski championed print design.

All the new art work is a response to the photographs of Julia Margaret Cameron but with the use of several mediums transforms the original ideas. Use of fine screen printing and ceramics enhanced by wood are examples of change as are the brightly coloured creatures reminiscent of the characters in books by Lewis Carroll.

Throughout the Autumn a programme of special events linked to this exhibition will be held. For details visit www.dimbola.co.uk or call 01983 756814.

Report and photo by Alan and Suzanne Whitewood

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