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A fire in the centre of a hollow tree, which is thought to have been deliberately set, has been extinguished by Freshwater’s retained firefighters tonight (Thursday).

1 appliance and a water carrier were mobilised when a member of the public reported a fire within local woodland.

Thankfully, the quick response of the retained crew meant that the incident was contained before the fire spread and the situation escalated.

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A foam extinguisher was initially used to dowse the flames before a main jet was utilised to soak the area. A thermal imaging camera was then used to check for any hotspots.

Firefighters report that there was substantial evidence of alcohol consumption and picnicking in the effected area and large amounts of rubbish. Islanders are being asked to be kind to our beautiful countryside.

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Foam extinguisher. . ? For what reason was foam used .

Ed Down

I going to guess because it was to hand and its a good start while they were getting main hose ready?

Gentleman farmer

mojo i dunno fur shore
i rekons it be use to douse the fire
dunt spect thems fire men wuz ganna shave the lad
wiv it.


So many fire incidents in freshwater of late.

Opinions Matter

Catch these little B******S march them home to Mum & Dad and give them all a warning they will be arrested for Arson if there was ever a next time. Arson carries a long stretch at her Majestie’s pleasure / Young Offenders


You didn’t see the result of the arson yesterday then?

Ed Down

No it comes with a couple of hundred quid fine.


There mums and dads probably gave them the match

Martin W

Opinions Matter You are sadly a ‘part’ of the problem. With 1950’s attitudes and expectations that ‘Marching them home to Mum and Dad’, would ever happen. The nice image of a burly Policeman, going leading the largest lad by the scruff of the neck, back to a stern faced father, and an anxious mother is very quaint, but expecting modern parents (often parent) to be alarmed, concerned or care what their clones have done is way off now. Chance are the fruit hasn’t rolled far from the tree, and likely that they are not parents, but someone who has ‘had’… Read more »

Old bean

There is some horrible little shits about one to many shandy’s

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