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Diversions are in place following a road traffic collision on the main road between Shanklin and Godshill.

The incident, which occurred at around 07:25, has taken place on Shanklin Road at a point around half way between Whiteley Bank roundabout and Apse Manor Road, close to a set of temporary traffic lights.

Island Echo understands a head-on collision has taken place between a white van and another vehicle, possibly a motorcycle.

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The Isle of Wight Ambulance Service is on scene alongside Police, who have closed the road.

Regular service buses and school buses are delayed as a result of the incident. Students on the Route 62 school bus are unable to proceed at this time and will be late for school.

Southern Vectis say their Route 2 buses are diverting from Whiteley Bank to Merrie Gardens roundabout via Canteen Road, then onwards to Shanklin via Landguard Manor Road. The Cliff Bridge and Shanklin Library stops are not being served.

UPDATE @ 09:47 – It has been confirmed that the incident has involved a white van and a motorcycle.

The road remains closed at this time.

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UPDATE @ 10:57 – Shanklin Road has now re-opened in both directions.

The motorcyclist has sustained minor injuries, according to Police.

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Ben Smith

Hope the biker is ok. hope you have speedy recovery


Their was a motorbike riding dangerously near cowleases at 7.05am heading towards shanklin wounder it same one, overtaking on blind corners and overtaking close to oncoming vehicles.

Eve Shipman

Hardly likely if if it took him twenty minutes to get there.

Bing Bong

Maybe he went there and back again for the fun of it



Last edited 1 month ago by keith

i am guessing…but the van was passing the roadworks and looks as though someone didn’t give way – question is…did the motorcyclist not see the van, or as the shadow of the photographer is towards the incident, did the van driver not see the bike due to sun glare?
guess we won’t know – hope the m/c rider is ok, as it looks like he hit that bonnet and windscreen hard.

Lou v

How about the van driver? The horror of what he saw when bike went through his windscreen when it failed to stop for a red light!


No it was not the vans fault AT ALL have about 10 witnesses from SGN. The van was 3/4 of the way through a green light when the bike went through the red, whether the bike didn’t see the light or not I don’t know!!
Imagine the shock of driving to work and ending up in a serious accident. Lucky there wasn’t any passengers because they wouldn’t have survived!
My first thought would be I hope for a speedy recovery, what a sad little Island we live on

Last edited 1 month ago by Dpotts

Not a sad little island very nice infact but if that’s what you think you have a choice.


I do find it’s sad, supposed to be a community and come together yet all you hear is blame. Pure ignorance to the truth

Lou v

Well said

Last edited 1 month ago by Lou v

Our Island is a beautiful place to live , it’s the bad drivers going too fast and not watching what they are doing

Lou v

Totally agree, no one here is thinking of the van driver who could of been killed when the bike hit his windscreen after the bike went through the red light with 10 witnesses, the horror the van driver must be reliving every moment must be terrible the poor man


Too many motorcyclists are travelling at too high a speed in the south of the Island. One can hear the screaming of over-revved machines two a three times a day. I am surprised the casualties are so few.

Bish bosh

How do you it’s being over revved ?


Bloody van drivers are always driving aggressive, always up your ass…


And how was this van up the motorcycles ass when it’s a head on crash?


That is just not TRUE

Debby Jones

Well, MBGA, perhaps that should tell you something. For all the complaints from the NIMBY’s about Motorcyclists, there are actually very few bike accidents on the Island. Yes, you might be able to hear them but that doesn’t mean they’re riding recklessly. It is actually very difficult to accurately judge the speed of any vehicle unless you’ve been trained how to do so. When you’re pottering around the Island at 25 mph anything that passes you will seem as if it’s going at great speed.


I hear and see WAY more cars speeding than bikes here.


Having driven cars and ridden motorbikes over a couple of decades, I would say motorcyclists are safer drivers on the whole. They have to be as they are so much more vulnerable, but also the training is more extensive, such as having it drilled into you when to do life-saver checks. As a result they are involved in less accidents, but they do tend to come out of an accident quite badly. I’ve been lucky enough never to get injured on my bike, but have had a lot of close calls with cars pulling out of junctions or changing lanes… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Bob
Lou v

No one here is thinking of the van driver who could of been killed when the bike hit his windscreen after the bike went through the red light with 10 witnesses, the horror the van driver must be reliving every moment must be terrible the poor man after someone coming through your windscreen, my heart goes out to him, of course I hope both in accident are ok


People need to know all facts before making judgements. Hope both concerned make a full recovery

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