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undercliffdriveThe Isle of Wight Council’s Executive member for public protection and highways PFI has reiterated the authority’s commitment to an already approved scheme to give vehicular access to residents of Undercliff Drive affected by last year’s landslip.

Councillor Phil Jordan said:

“Considerable progress is being made on developing the scheme we approved last year to create a part pedestrian route along part of the section of Undercliff Drive affected by the landslip, as well as a low cost limited access road from the west to give residents vehicular access to their homes.

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“Detailed design work and costings are taking place and the aim is for this project to be underway and completed as soon as is practicably achievable. This scheme, however, remains subject to issues which include having the appropriate permissions in place in respect of some areas of third party ownership as well as suitable weather and ground conditions for the work to take place.

“I would like to reassure residents that we are treating this as an absolute priority and fully understand the frustrations they are experiencing.”

Road closure barriers are currently in place at Undercliff Drive to prevent any unauthorised vehicular access along a temporary road constructed by residents last year.

The council has written confirmation from its insurers that this temporary road, in its current condition, is not covered under the terms of the authority’s insurance, leaving the council open to significant legal claims should an incident occur.

Councillor Jordan added:

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“Although this closure has been frustrating for residents, we have a responsibility for people’s safety and must follow the legal and insurance advice that we have been given.

“However, the scheme which is planned to give the affected residents longer term access remains our priority and we will be keeping them fully informed of progress and the timetable of works when this is finalised.”

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