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Coastguard Rescue Teams from Ventnor and Bembridge have successfully rescued a dog after an adventure over the cliff between Ventnor and St Lawrence this afternoon (Saturday).

The incident began at around 12:30 when HM Coastguard were alerted to the plight of man’s best friend near to Ventnor Botanical Gardens.

Using specialist rope equipment, Coastguard Rescue Officers have been able to rescue the 18-month-old Labrador from around 15ft down the cliff between Steephill Cove and Orchard Bay.

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Thankfully, the young dog has not sustained any injury and has now been reunited with its owner.

Earlier this week Coastguard Rescue Teams from Ventnor and The Needles were called to a dog over the cliff at Whale Chine. Sadly, in contrast to today’s incident, the dog did not survive the ordeal.

At the start of the month a dog was rescued from a cliff in Bonchurch.

If you or someone else is in difficulty on the coast or at sea, or if you spot what you think may be unexploded ordnance, then dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Further safety information can be found at

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Simple keep them on a lead

Old bean

Enough is enough poor coastguard risks there lives because irresponsible dog owners can’t keep there dogs on leads hope owners give generously to a brilliant charity


What an absolute waste of our resources caused by absolutely stupid members of the public.


That’s 3 dogs in a short time


Dog owners obviously don’t like their dogs very much wouldn’t let your children play near a cliff would you so why let your dog. And pick your dog poo up I have had enough of treading in the stuff

Az-zahra Aziz

Perhaps the edge of these cliffs have dropped away in the wet winter, and dogs, which rely on smell and memory of a path, go the usual route and fall when the pathway is no longer their.

I bet if someone took a chunk out of your path, chances are you would fall in the dip left.

Dogs can’t be on a lead all their lives. Like having caged birds, the risk of being free is the joy of life.


That’s ok then just send a poor human down a cliff to rescue a dog that could have been kept on a lead for SAFETY


There are plenty of safe places to let your dog off the lead. A cliff edge is not one of them.

Mary Jamerson

seems as though these dogs are like those lemmings with the way they keep jumping off the cliff edges of the island. perhaps they get blown off as it is windy near the sea beach.

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