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Tonnes of rock has crashed down onto a popular beach in Sandown Bay following a cliff fall.

The significant fall has occurred at Redcliff, Yaverland between Sandown and Culver Down.

It’s thought the cliff face gave way either overnight or early this morning (Friday).

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Thousands of tourists and locals alike are expected to be at the coast this Bank Holiday weekend as the weather is set to be hot and sunny between now and Monday. Extra care should be taken around cliffs, both above and below.

The cliffs along the UK coastline are continually eroding. It’s impossible to predict when the next bit might go – and it could be a few small rocks or several thousand tonnes.

Advice from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency includes:

– stay well back from the edge
– keep an eye on children and dogs to make sure they do the same
– make sure you are properly equipped for walking along coastal paths
– wear sturdy shoes or boots
– obey any warning signs and don’t climb fences to get to the edge of the cliff
– don’t attempt to climb up or down cliffs unless you are properly equipped and trained to do so
– don’t attempt to climb cliffs as a short cut back to the top
– be responsible and don’t take unnecessary risks or let other people in your group do so.

A spokesperson from the MCA has this week said:

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“We hope everyone has a safe and happy time this weekend. Check the tide times, that you‘re prepared for every eventuality, that you have all the safety kit you need. But if it goes wrong, there’s always someone ready to help.

“We stand ready to respond. We are always on call”.

If you or someone else is in distress at sea or on the coast, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

UPDATE @ 15:30 – HM Coastguard have been out to inspect the site this afternoon.

It is estimated that around 300 tonnes of rock/earth has collapsed.

The area has been evidenced by Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team.


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Ben Dover
Ben Dover

Hope cliffs ok

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