FossilatblackgangvpRegular visitors to Blackgang Viewpoint will have noticed a number of improvements made to the beauty spot in recent months.

Thanks to funding from Postcode Society Trust, local charity Natural Enterprise has created a picnic area and added a sculpture by local artist Glenn Martin.

The site – which is owned by the Isle of Wight Council – is 1 of 31 locations that Natural Enterprise manage in their Gift to Nature project.

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To make the site more accessible for all, a wheelchair ramp leads to the best views, and picnic benches are easier to use for people with mobility problems. An audio guide for people with sight impairments can be downloaded from the Gift to Nature website, or at the site.

Onsite maps and leaflets detail 4 walking and 2 cycling trails that start from the Viewpoint and take in the spectacular countryside and coast. An I-Spy sheet is 1 of a number of things that can be downloaded directly to a smartphone from the onsite Activity Pillar and the website also has a super colouring sheet that will suit adults and children alike.

Graham Biss, Managing Director Natural Enterprise said:

“One of our key aims is to make our site more accessible to everyone and we hope these improvements will benefit all. Blackgang Viewpoint offers a spectacular view of the surrounding area. We are very grateful to the Postcode Society Trust for their support”

To find out more visit the Blackgang Viewpoint page on the Gift to Nature website.

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