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The ladies’ and gents’ Indoor Bowls Championship from 2019/20 was concluded after a lost season on Sunday (26th September).

The winners will go on to represent the Island club in the Champion of Champions National competition.

In the ladies’ final, Annie Morris took an early lead 6-0, but once Gay Allen got on the scorecard, she played a consistent game throughout, to come out a comfortable winner 21-11.

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On the other rink Ron Lexeux, although playing to a high standard which on any other day could see him being a worthy winner, came up against an opponent on top form. Darren Griffiths was relentless with his accuracy on the jack. The score didn’t show how well contested the ends were, but Darren Griffiths came out with a handsome 21-6 win.

The Isle of Wight Bowls Club welcomes all players both old and new and conducts frequenct coaching sessions for beginners. The league programme gets underway fully on 4th October.

To find out more about Isle of Wight bowls Club, go to https://www.iwibc.org.uk/.

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