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Firefighters have extinguished a car fire high up upon St George’s Down this evening (Sunday).

The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service were alerted to reports of a large fire on the downland between Newport and Arreton at just before 17:15.

A wholetime appliance was mobilised to the scene, where it was soon discovered that a car had been deliberately torched.

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It’s thought the vehicle – now completely destroyed by fire – was a Mercedes A-Class.

Green Watch from Newport Fire Station used the app ‘what3words’ to pinpoint the exact location of the blaze for their colleagues at fire control. The app, which gives a specific 3-word code to a 3mx3m square, was needed due to the remote location.

St George’s Down has become a hotspot for suspicious car fires, this being the fourth such incident. The last car fire was back in August, as previously reported by Island Echo.

The last suspicious car fire on St George’s Down in August 2020

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Fly tippers hot spot also.

Chad Mullen

Ryde beware, for as more and more social housing breeding hutches are built and filled with similar ‘types’ then any car park, country lane, and accessible field or open space will suffer the same fate.

Either some chav roaring around on motor bikes, ragging a car like this then torching such, or as you say, dumping stained mattresses and other unsightly rubbish from their charity paid for homes and clones.

As Ryde is filled to capacity the anti social dross will do such in other as yet untainted areas.

Vote this selfish council OUT next time.

Chad Mullen

This sort of thing will become ever more common place as the council build over our Island and fill the homes with such tenants which their current council pay ours to house.

Much of the misery we see on the main news now, will happen here then.

Vote this vile council out as soon as you can.


Are you saying that this is done only by people who move to the island?

Tings that make you go, hmmm

What Chad is saying is that bringing over more over spill from the mainland will greatly ADD to anti social incidents like this.

When a huge amount of people arrive into an area, from diverse places, and not knowing or having any links to families who have been settled here for generations, then the likely hood of them not fitting in, and having no loyalty to one another let alone the peaceable Islanders, will cause more trouble.

Watch and LEARN.

Then ONCE you have learnt, next time vote this vile council OUT.


I think you mean low life with very few brain cells and no regard for the law. Yes, the island will have these types a plenty.

Chad Mullen

NO, you used the word ‘only’, it is like saying it is ‘only’ non British people who stab, shoot, acid attack, we all know that such is NOT true. For they too now, are ‘classed’ as British.

All in the wording dear chap.

A Lady from Liverpool giving birth whilst on holiday here, will still have a scoucser, not an Islander child.

Mr Khan

We are all British people everybody that lives on the Island are descendants from the mainland, the Island used to be joined to the mainland many moons ago.

Mr Khan

It’s not thier fault, they are forced to build these new homes by Westminster all local councils are forced to build new homes all-round the UK. Must be loads of these new homes will go local youngsters on the Island, not just newbie mainlanders. I agree would hate to see West Wight concreted over with skyscapers, but sadly thats the way the world is heading we have a global world overpopulation problem that nobody address’s seems a taboo subject. World population is 7.8 billions if it continues to grow at the current rate unabated in 50,000 years the world population… Read more »


Mine was torched up on Brighstone down after being burgled in 1994

Mr Khan

In Saudi they cut you hands off, they never burgle again.


What3Words is really amazing, good to see this in use in such an important way.

Ed Down

Assuming the car hadn’t been stolen I hope the insurance company tell them where to stick the claim


This is happening before all those vile mainlanders have started appearing, wait until they are here !


Vile mainlanders how rude. I have met plenty of vile islander since moving here 14 years ago. I work hard within the community and see plenty of anti social behaviour, robbery, drug taking and car accidents from islanders so maybe some of you need to look a little closer to home before blaming mainlanders and pointing the finger at us for everything negative that happens on this island. Most of us that move here are hard working decent people with morals manners and respect for others. If most mainlanders read some of these ridiculous and rude comments they may think… Read more »

Lady Dunstanding

Most of you who move here are escaping the Hell you helped create on the mainland. You come to my beautiful island and then proceed to moan about our primitive ways, so set about turning it into where you came from. If you don’t like hearing the views of actual Island folk you should go home… For good. You don’t make things better with your strange modern, trendy, enlightened ways. You just make it even harder for our less affluent young families to get on in life by pricing them out of everything : homes, land, shops…. When your family… Read more »


Mad as a hatstand this one Fellas!


I actually moved from a very beautiful, tranquil area of shropshire and it was not to get away from the hell I created, what a stupid comment, so don’t make assumptions thats the problem with small minded people like you. “Strange modern, trendy enlightened ways” what are you talking about, I am none of the above just well educated. Don’t asume I am affluent or young, because your so off the mark and this is what I mean when I say people are narrow minded. I have as much right to live here as anyone else so get off your… Read more »

Lady Dunstanding

Apology accepted, m’dear. Regards, Lady Dunstanding.

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