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The driver of a car has escaped injury after smashing into a parked vehicle on Green Lane, Lake this evening (Monday).

Police and paramedics are on scene near the junction with Oaklyn Gardens where a yellow Nissan Juke has collided with a red Vauxhall, which in turn has been shunted into a Citroen C3.

Green Lane is currently blocked in both directions whilst emergency services deal with the incident in hand.

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UPDATE @ 19:50 – The male driver of the Nissan Juke has escaped injury and has been able to drive away from the scene.

Police and the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service have stood down from the incident.

The road has now re-opened to all traffic.

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Mary Jamerson

More bad driving on Wight, YET wait for all the snowflakes ‘imagining’ yet another rare ‘medical’ conditions occurring on our streets.

No small wonder few are jailed now, if these ‘benefit of the doubters’ are ever allowed jury service. Mind, they don’t allow the insane on their………..YET.

Zack Zuck

“there” not “their” i you’re going to make the rude accusation of people being “insane”, please be grammatically correct


And when you’ve finished correcting people’s grammar maybe you could check your own spelling and punctuation?


IF not I – Just saying 🙂

Zack Zuck

More typical “more bad driving on the I O W ” comments


Is this a Nissan Juke advert

James Edwards

And the result of the ‘breath test’ was?…

Bob Frapples

More nobody to blame driving on the IoW

Why the Impotence??

And what about the cars on Shanklin that drive with impunity day after day after day??
FE06 BFN – Silver Vauxhall Corsa. Driven each day by Ms Elliss – never stopped. No MOT; No Tax; Not MOT; No insurance; not registered in owners name.
Or the red Ford Transit EY02 WKW? – Not taxed; Not MOT’d – Driven daily but not legal for over 3 (THREE!!!) years.
Driven daily from Palmerston Road)
Daily!!! Do you pay tax? Do you pay insurance???
What the hell is going on when the police are so POWERLESS AND IMPOTENT to do anything???


Do you vote Tory?


also mike wilson car suzuki vatara white hw18 — still registered to his mums hotel . has moved 4 times since


Was to Isle Of Wight once. You guys tend to drive way too loud. Keep in mind, there are others too bound to home. A road has some curves too. So many unnecessary accidents. Too many. Much wondering me is, are they all gotten their driver’s licence when at kindergarden in India? So too many unneseccary accidents; too many I mean


It actually states he was able to drive away so clearly not drunk. People jumping to conclusions again !!!

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