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A 2-vehicle collision has occurred on the outskirts of Ryde this afternoon (Monday), resulting in 1 vehicle coming to rest on its roof.

The road traffic collision has taken place on the A3055 Beaper Shute between Carpenters Road and Harding Shute.

The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service, the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service and Police are all on the scene dealing with the collision.

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Police have closed the road and motorists are advised to divert locally.

Southern Vectis’ Routes 2 and 3 are diverting from Brading via St Helens and Appley to reach St John’s Church. Whilst on diversion, buses are currently unable to serve Tesco or Marlborough Road.

UPDATE @ 13:15 – Fire crews from Ryde, Newport and Shanklin are currently working to free the occupant(s) of the overturned car.

The second vehicle involved is a Mitshubishi L200.

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Beaper Shute remains closed in both directions alternative routes around the closure are coming heavy with traffic. Motorists are advised to plan ahead.

UPDATE @ 14:26 – A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary has said:

“We were called at 12.43pm today, 14 September, to reports of a two vehicle collision on Beaper Shute, Sandown. The collision was between a Mitsubishi Warrior and a Kia Carens.

“Minor injuries have been reported”.

UPDATE @ 15:45 – Beaper Shute has now re-opened in both directions.

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Eve Shipman

Here we go again!
Still, nearly two whole days without a prang being reported. I wonder what the record is?


Probably about two whole days !

Tim C

You could drive any old car up and down that road all day at 60mph (back in the day) without incident so it must have been some pretty impressive stunt driving to roll it.


And how many were killed?

Gypsy lee


Arthur Sausage

A good way of checking tyre tread !

What is wrong with these so called drivers.

Maybe will be added to driving test, fail if unable to flip car.


Or hit tree and or road safety sign (delete as applicable)


The tree was to quick this time they missed it


yes, no doubt the tree jumped out at them, the driver went into a blind panic and rolled the car – how I will never know.
One thing to note, the sudden upsurge in single vehicle incidents and seemingly unexplained collisions with other cars resulting in outcomes that would normally only be seen on stunt driving, has only really been happening since mobile phones morphed into smart phones with video calling and instant messaging.

Me me

People don’t give a sh__ how they drive need a retest some of them not saying this wasn’t a genuine accident but the driving standard is terrible years ago you would get stopped for a simple thing like a light not working now it seams you can drive round like a idiot and no one cares

Kaiya Woodford

How about anyone that doesn’t know what’s happened, just mind their own damn busines


Kaiya – then why have island echo reported it, the incident was none of their business, why have you commented, it was none of your business, or were you at fault driving one of the cars. In case it has escaped your attention, things happen, the media report on it, a forum is created for comments and discussion and wow, guess what, people post messages after reading the news item.
perhaps you shouldn’t be such a hypocrite – commenting on messages that are none of your damn business


Mitsubishi Warrior or Mad Max Road Warrior. There does not appear to be any road traffic policing on our island, so those of little intelligence do what ever they like and its your problem if you or your family get caught up in it. There aren’t even any fixed speed cameras now to act as any sort of deterrent.

Last edited 8 days ago by Bob

Plenty of police after an accident, our MP needs to do something about the amount of lousy driving on this island, it’s getting worse by the day.

They could start with a forty MPH speed limit on any road on the island, idiots won’t like that,but it would help….

Last edited 8 days ago by Truth
Level Phil

If there is no enforcement, and people drive like idiots, there will be accidents like this irrespective of the speed limit set.


Up goes our insurance again…

Bing Bong

Easy mistake to make mind you, if you drive carelessly that is


As I’ve said before all they teach you is how to pass your test ,not how to drive. What irks me is instructors ( you know who you are) who park on double yellow lines to pick up their pupil !


Probably two women drivers getting confused with their gear sticks and steering wheel.

Woman driver


Old bean

McDonald’s is my bet

The oracle

Just wait for the speed freaks next October. You ain’t seen nothing yet.!!

Geoff Hope

Heaven help us when Ryde is all built over. Imagine the amount of cars and pushy, arrogant drivers then. Accidents will become even more common place.

Hendrick Olsan

The Island will lose it’s special charm which makes it different from living on the mainland. I hope the council and developers who are involved have terrible bad luck for the rest of time.


the island is known as the garden isle for good reason, it has biosphere status, large areas are SSSI and the size of the islands infrastructure makes it unsuitable for this kind of development.   those behind captiva who live on the island and can be spoken to personally at leisure, even when they think they can quietly go shopping, are not interested in preserving the above status, or protecting the natural habitats of the creatures, birds and insects that call this land their homes.   These ecological terrorists known as captiva, are not interested in reducing the CO2 emissions,… Read more »

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