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Wightlink has confirmed that a number of sailings on its Fishbourne-Portsmouth route have been cancelled tomorrow morning (Friday) due to staff absence.

The 08:30, 10:30 and 12:30 sailings from Portsmouth and the 07:30, 09:30, 11:30 and 13:30 sailings from Fishbourne have all been cancelled on 20th March.

The absence of an essential member of crew – presumably sickness – has led to the decision.

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Earlier on this afternoon, it was announced that there are cancellations on Wightlink’s Fastcat service today due to the absence of an essential member of crew on the Ryde-Portsmouth route.

Island Line trains are suspended due to staff illness within the signalling team.

For help with your booking, call Wightlink on 0333 999 7333.

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NOW perhaps those critical at people hoarding and ‘panic buying’ will see WHY people do such. Living on an Island, to see ferries stopped because a crew member is ill, pre CV, just vindicates the hoarding. For when all the ferries crew get hit with CV, then the ferries will not be bringing over the huge lorries containing food and essentials. So in times of crisis people rightly don’t trust the Government, for they will lie to try to keep people calm, and the serious measures and massive costs, PROVE that this is not ‘just like the flu’, thus losing… Read more »


This sort of open opinion intent on creating fear on mass is serving no purpose, Yet another comment that deserves utter condemnation.
This kind of talk is dangerous in the extreme.
I do hope The Echo look at this inflammatory comment and act accordingly.


Hardly inflammatory, one could say your comments can cause people to be blasé. I have said on another similar posting that the Islanders know that the Ferries are our weak spot, and are therefore panic buying, as IF, as they are, shelves are being stripped now, with most ferries operating, what will occur when CV is at its peak, say in two or three months time? So, the ‘good news’ imo, is, by then, most will have hoarded all they need, now, in the less risky times, and as CV peaks, and IF ferries or food producers do slow down… Read more »


Thank you for your reply, Unfortunately stating the same over and over, is not the way to go, you need to seriously think before you spread your fears as quick and frequently as you do. Unless on another planet we all know the obvious situation and do not need you painting large pictures to enlarge the issues, you really need to calm down and stop your continued hyping of the situation , you are not calm and this appears to be your way of expressing your obvious fears. Think before you post! Don’t you see the thumbs down repeatedly for… Read more »

Vinny Phillips

Why not tarmac it?
Why hide behind a false name?


I have been saying exactly the same problem is people get angry when things change for the worst and my god this is just the start


What utter crap from seay. Nothing to do with virus all about Wightlink working on a shoe string budget and not employing back up staff.


Oh, that’s all right then……..

So they are liars, is the technical issue stopping the Ferry lies too?

Either way, all these Ferries being ‘stopped’ for whatever reason causes the masses to panic, just in case CV takes out all skilled personal and our supplies don’t come as frequently as required.

The worst can happen IF you are wrong by hoarding is full cupboards and few items a bit ‘weevilly’ as they best by date comes around, the best is you and yours go to bed full, not hungry.

Opinions Matter

If the absolute worst were to happen and all ferry staff went sick for whatever reason be it CV or whatever, the army or navy would be assigned to pilot the ferries. We really don’t need anymore mass hysteria than we already have. Yes panic buying is a big problem at the moment but if everyone just bought what they needed and stopped being so selfish there wouldn’t be such a big problem. I am sure the supermarkets will improve the delivery situation regarding increasing the amount of goods we have on the shelves very soon.


Britain is not Italy there will be such major issues in the cities the island will be forgotten


This island is small with already high unemployment,, high population of the elderly, BUissnesses relying on Tourism. The island at the moment only have two confirmed cases of covid-19 . They should cancel all travel to the island to protect everyone’s health and Buissiness. Use the Ferries just for Frieght or emergency care workers. Keep it minimised. Visitors from all parts of UK still having their holidays this week. Will be worse when the kids break up from school as many will carry on Traveling. Keep our island low risk as possible before its to late to change. Good to… Read more »

Susan Crome

Too late Titch. My friend lives at Thorness caravan site. The visitors have already started arriving!


Exactly!! If there are areas where the virus is minimal or hasn’t reached, protect them! You can stay in your cars on ferry.. But can walk round the island and potentially spread a virus.. What sort of sense is that?

Opinions Matter

I agree with you Titch, the powers that be should shut the island down to stop this virus becoming a big problem here. With Easter just around the corner, we do not need hundreds of overners travelling here. With Boris saying ‘only essential travel’ surely they will stay at home? Many places have closed, Robin Hill, Blackgang Chine to name just s few. I really hope someone makes the decision soon before it’s too late.


Exactly!! Prevention rather than cure. Why can’t they keep the areas that have low or zero cases protected? You can sit in your car on the ferry, then walk round the island!
Makes no sense!

Peter Card

Don’t remember any cancellations due to staff sickness years ago.

Opinions Matter

Since the new owners have been running Wightlink, the service is not as good as it used to be.

Tony Jurd

Usual rubbish service from shitelink


Far too many going around the island in groups all spreading it around. In 7 days the island could have more dead than the rest of the country. Stay in and help the people your family may need too survive. Look at what is happening in Italy.

Sue rogerson

But are they sick or self isolating. School children at home, or a family member in the household high risk or themselves high risk. Expect much more next week.


Essential ‘member’ of staff ? all these sailings cancelled because of ONE person ?? About right for this utterly incompetent company. Where are your bank / standby staff ? This happens all the time – not just because of Coronavirus. No wonder this island is dying on it’s arse !


Isle of wight ferry’s.dont need the excuse of possible sickness to cancel the ferry’s,they do this regularly for no reason,,at least now they might have a legitimate reason to stop them.

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