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Island Line train services between Ryde Pier Head and Shanklin have been suspended this afternoon (Thursday) due to a member of staff being taken ill.

South Western Railway say that a member of the signalling team has been taken ill, although they haven’t expanded on the cause.

Trains are currently unable to operate between Ryde and Shanklin and disruption is expected until the end of the day.

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Rail replacement buses are in operation.

For further information or onward travel advice please speak to a member of staff or use a station help point.

Earlier today it was announced that Wightlink had cancelled a number of Fastcat sailings due to staff absence.


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Tarmac the lot and get the tandem out for the two customers

William Dunnet

Sympathy there from the spokesman for Island roads.

Joe Blogs

Oh do shut up with your drivel.


Tarmac the lot! Ignorant comment from an ill informed mouthpiece. I think you’ll find over 600,000 journeys are made on our trains every year.

It’s a vital link to Portsmouth and the capital. I’m just wondering what’s vital about anything that comes out of your mouth Seay???




Not very well thought out


Get rid of them FFS about as reliable as the weather, theres always loads sat around drinking whatever at Ryde.


How can an entire rail system be bought to its knees by the absence of a single employee?

Phil Stat

It’s likely running at a loss, and on a skeleton staff. That would explain the vulnerability.


Unsure WHY you lot thumb down my sensible comment about tar mac the track, then use battery shuttle buses. That way any idiot can drive such, and cheaper to maintain than high voltage track which needs much maintenance and secure fencing the whole way.

Guess you just don’t want ‘change’ but moan when what you have is not fit for purpose.


The delivery of your plan was poor. That is why it got down voted.


Seay really does not have a clue, he finds it acceptable to insult one and all.

Joe Blogs

Any idiot can’t drive a public service vehicle, so that proves you are talking drivel.

William Dunnet

No they can’t. But any idiot can make incorrect comments on a web page.


I am referring to the fact that me or you could drive a shuttle bus, yes would need a licence but formality YET I doubt you or I could drive a train.

They could get current TAXI drivers to drive a shuttle bus, there isn’t a lot of train drivers around. THINK.


I bet me or you could drive a shuttle bus, but neither of us a train. So taxi drivers with a licence could step in and drive shuttle buses, but NOT so a train. Think a little deeper before insulting those who have depth of vision


It’s really who pays the costs roads are far more expensive than rail but the costs are stood by many different organisations How can it be cheaper for us to ride around in cats which carry an average of just about 1.2 people and we have to use those vehicles an average of only 4 percent.Alsp the cost to shore up the embankment bridges maybe new just for a few months while this is sorted.Guided buses have been tried in. France and are being replaced.It really here due to clearance.But maybe your idea of battery vehicles if as trains may… Read more »


You can’t help a key member of staff being ill. Safety also another key factor. You can’t always find a replacement Signalman at a drop of the hat.


No but when only one train why a signal man is needed? Please explain thanks

Opinions Matter

REALLY! Since when do you rely solely on just one member of staff. Now this signal person has gone sick, the island train network is in disarray! The Manager needs to start managing and sort this out PDQ.

William Dunnet

When will people realise we are in an world wide emergency and the gov is advising to self isolate if any member of the family Have symptoms. Means more people will be off and not able to work. Not just on trains and ferries but in every industry.

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