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A new facility is to be established on the Isle of Wight with the aim of becoming a world-leading centre for the research and development of cannabis-based healthcare.

Vecticanna, the company behind the plans, has partnered with several large institutions including the University of Southampton and CAR Laboratories in Cambridge, as well as assembling an expert panel of Academics, Doctors and other industry leaders.

Vecticanna’s primary focus is to unlock the therapeutic and analgesic (pain relief) potential of cannabinoids and full spectrum cannabis extracts whilst simultaneously increasing their availability for patients and end consumers. They will utilise the latest in organic cultivation and extraction methods at their new facility – the location of which is unknown at this time.

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The site will be powered by a solar array to provide light and irrigation to the plants. The greenhouses have been specifically designed to emit no excess light, helping protect the Island’s night sky.

Vecticanna – which incorporates cbd Isle of Wight, WightCBD and Island Hemp Farm Ltd. – will bring year-round employment opportunities for many Islanders with the hope that the site will eventually employ over 60 people. The pharmaceutical cannabis marketplace is booming globally and Vecticanna hopes the Isle of Wight can reap the benefits of this.

Island Hemp Farm holds a Home Office cannabis cultivation licence to grow here on the Isle of Wight – a licence which was approved in April 2019.

The experienced management team, led by island resident Adam Mawer, are passionate about the Isle of Wight and Island businesses. They believe combining the Island’s rich agricultural heritage into this emerging marketplace is a surefire recipe for success.

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Furloughed Frank

Suddenly, for ONCE the job centre has a line of tattooed, base ball capped, chavs ASKING for a job.

Ryde has plenty of well over qualified growers here, fully experienced, perhaps the teacher could be foreman?

Gentleman farmer

I ain’t bin arsked if they wants a grow on my place yet
jus got me taters in now an all so all have ta wait
spects you right frank they young un’s be workin gatherin but at nite by bustin in.
thems wunt work a full day that be a fact you see

Opinions Matter

Haa Haa! So true Frank

Harry Wad

This is not necessarily bad news. Although the security risk and pilfering from staff with their lunch boxes likely being heavier on leaving than arriving ought to be well vetted. The security will have to be very high level. Not so much for the plants but to safeguard the extracted potent oils which they are then treated to remove the chemicals which are the stimulants for medical usage, but could easily be stolen by workers or others involved in the transformation of such. Lets hope it is built near Ryde’s ‘outskirts’ then Frank! Save a car journey for the gaffer… Read more »

Steven Mann

Fear not, those growers doing so in their garage, along with others doing so in a loft, basement and other diverse places will still be earning thousands tax free to greedily supplement their salary, so this is not a threat to such, nor the social security spongers instead claiming benefits as they too do their illegal dealings. That will only occur when reported and IF the Police can be bothered to investigate. Some have more to lose than others though so a risk/reward attitude ought to prevail over those with nothing to risk. If this does ease pain for suffers… Read more »


Save your money it’s in abundance in West Wight

Giles Rowbuck

The whole of this Isle seems to be awash with drugs of one kind or another, not just specific geographic locations here Sidney. One would assume that as the Island’s Police, compared with those working in inner cites have little to do here, then such would have been if not fully eradicated, at least limited to the social housing estates. When one realises that those responsible for educating the Isle’s children are also involved in small scale production then one soon realises the magnitude of the drugs issue Wight now faces. When such illegal activity starts to become active in… Read more »

David Metcalfe

Your ignorance is outstanding!
Your accusations slanderous!
If you know of people involved in education growing cannabis, then report them, if you don’t, then shut up.
The testing of the use of cannabis extracts to aid as a pain killer, sees the removal of the element that creates a high, so not then addictive.
Many of our modern medicines are manmade versions of traditional medicines found in nature.
Try doing some research so you can then put forward an informed view.


How is it slander when no one is named??
And why do you only consider things that give a high are addictive?
Research and education needed all round I’d say.

Piers Moron

your education is appalling. The words you are looking for are astounding not outstanding, and libellous not slanderous. I gave up reading anymore as my head started to hurt.


Well said.. Nicotine is addictive.. Canna isn’t.. Especially cbd.. No thc so no getting stoned.. Pain relief only


Finally a great idea.. Hope its available to people like me with M.E, Fibromyalgia chronic fatigue syndrome & Arthritis Pain.


The Isle already seems like a giant cannabis factory anyway, You smell it everywhere you go.

Stay at Home in Ryde

The change with cannabis is that many more people are smoking it constantly throughout the day. It is no longer viewed as a weekend treat (which it was when I was a young) to get high with pals. It is now a daily crux for many people. Once upon a time in the near past, there used to be a fair few people who stank of smoke out and about. Nowadays there’s people who stink of weed. Personally I think it’s a much worse smell than tobacco. So while the western world has made giant strikes to reduce tobacco use,… Read more »

Mr justice

I agree stay at home in ryde, but think long term,like government gets to control this drug. But why you might say? Well they are doing their best under this smoke screen virus to destroy pubs, any social you cant go out drinking for kicks,what you going to turn to? Theres always a bit reason behind things like this. Watch.


I think you’re missing the point. A properly regulated drug that has undergone tests wont be used by drug addicts. It will be used by people who suffer from chronic pain from conditions previously mentioned. It will provide work for skilled people.

mr justice

This drug will in future ,near future, be grown ,regulated, and sold by government . This will replace alcohol. Not necessarily smoking, but injested into the body. If alcohol was founded today,it would be a class A drug! So they( government) will use all the bad sides to alcohol to justify this action. Just my opinion of course.

Ramessese II

You have to get stoned to live on that dreadful Island


Loving the idea of this for those in need, amazing how much one plant can help so many people in so many ways. Just need to get these middle aged toffs to stop looking so far up their arse and associating with meth or heroin


Sounds like you need to get your head out of your arse. It isn’t the association with meth or heroin, it’s the damage done to kids heads because of the strength of skunk. Anyway, most people know that CBD doesn’t get you high.


Have we not got a enough druggi scum over here already….won’t b long b4 that gets broke in to from somebody in sandown no doubt

Dan Skelton

Haven’t we already got enough narrow minded people like you who stereotype thinking all cannabis smokers are scum? It’s like you’re all stuck in the 50s.


u lot cant actually read can you IT SAYS A FACILITY IS GONNA BE PUT HERE TO BASICALLY IN LAYMANS TERMS GET ALL THE GOOD CHEMISTRY OUT OF IT AND PUT IT TO CANCER MEDS AND ALL STUFF ……YOUR BODY HAS A CANNABOLOID SYSTEM ……no chavs are clever enough to get a job as a scientist you plums growing it has nothing to do with it or seelling or growing in ryde ….idiot islanders

Furloughed Frank

They Islanders have had plenty of experience is growing, and not all chavs if you read others posts on here. Can’t see sixty scientist being employed to tend the crops either. As others said, the likely risk is from the place being raided by the chavs, and the staff taking the extracted substances to sell on to make easy cash. No one objects to a licenced drug being made to help others, especially good if creating work. Yet our Island is full of growers and even more users, and another unjustified perhaps, but real fear is anything associated with a… Read more »

The Kitchen

I have a coffee shop in Ventnor The [email protected] House. We started selling CBD coffee early this year. The benefits people are getting are amazing. We use medical grade pure spectrum CBD oil and have regulars who swear by its benefits for Stress, insomnia, pain relief, anxiety and much more.


Don’t say that, the pitch forks will be out.. Islanders are stuck in the 1950s with their views..

Dan Skelton

Literally! A lot of older islanders are so narrow minded and brainwashed over stuff that isn’t true. 1950s must of been an awful time.

Daniel Skelton

I heard they are creating 420 new jobs.

Furloughed Frank

Yes, 60 in the factory, and 360 other knock on jobs to include the police, the NHS, shrinks, courts, doctors, debt collectors all picking up the pieces of shattered lives from those whose minds have become distorted to think than being ‘out of it’ is normal, then driving or operating machinery whilst spaced out, killing maiming many. Just because they are too feeble brained to cope with life without a fix.

Grow up, see how pathetic it really is.

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