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Sadly, Newport County isn’t having the best season so far in terms of league position. The league is really heating up in terms of the passion and performances from the teams, and as we head towards the bitterly cold winter, can we expect Newport County to pull it out of the bag and move up the table? Last season they finished a respectable 5th – respectable compared to the 19/20 season where they finished 14th.

Currently, they sit 9th in the league, but it’s early days, and there’s all to play for still. Every football league is showing how competitive it gets at this time of year, from the Premier League — LFC tickets are hot property as they continue to involve themselves in a title race with Chelsea and Manchester City — to the Scottish Division League Two.

For now, let’s have a more detailed look at how Newport County are performing.

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Let’s Look At The Figures

Looking at the last five games, you wouldn’t think there was any reason for Newport County to be in the position they are in the table. In the last five games, Newport has won three, lost one, and drew the other. Out of the 18 games played so far this season, they’ve won seven, drew six, and lost five. Comparing that to the top of the league Forest Green, who has won 11, drew four and lost two.

You can find the rest of the fixtures and results for the various teams here, but looking at those figures and in terms of wins and losses, Newport Country aren’t too far off Forest Green. The question is, have they what it takes to minimise their losses and rake in the wins? That might depend on future signings.

Future Signings

Exeter City currently sits 2nd in the league – they’re doing well in terms of performances and have a strong squad, for now. Rumours are flying that Padraig Amond could be making his way back to Newport County when the next transfer window opens in January, and we’d be all for it. While Exeter City manager Matt Taylor insists he wants to keep Padraig – he also says it’s unfortunately out of his hands.

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He left Newport Country on loan in February, but there’s already talks of his imminent return. He’s an excellent striker that commands and dominates the pitch and puts in stellar performances – more so when he is with his home team. With Exeter City so far, he has only just managed to secure his first goal, though.

Other Team Performances

Newport County can only hop up the league if they put in incredible performances – and if the performances of the teams around them begin to fail. Looking at the teams sitting in 8th, 7th, and 6th position, Newport is up against Leyton Orient, Sutton United, and Harrogate Town FC. All three clubs have been putting in similar performances to Newport, as in they’re not necessarily on a winning streak, but they’re doing enough not to drop down the league.

Leyton Orient, for example, who occupy 8th, hasn’t lost a game in the last five but has drawn three of their games and won two. For Newport to move up the league, they’d have to start consistently winning games. But, as the season begins to ramp up and the players find their flow, there’s every chance the wins will come flying in.

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Football League Two has been an intense season so far, with teams across the board putting in cracking performances, transfer rumours are flying, and the fans are making the games feel electric. It’ll be interesting to see how Newport County progress as the weeks go by.

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