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Susie, the resident cat of Busy Bee Garden Centre in Ryde for over 20 years, has sadly died.

Staff at Busy Bee have taken to social media tonight (Tuesday) to inform customers past and present that Susie was put to sleep last night, aged 25.

The gentle feline has become a friend to visitors of all ages over the past 2 decades and could often be found strolling around the garden centre, perhaps catching 40 winks too.

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Susie arrived at Busy Bee one day as a stray, looking for a new home. She has been a huge part of the family ever since.

In a statement, staff of Busy Bee Garden Centre have said:

”Susie has always been so pleased to greet you all when you’ve visited us and was always so grateful for the treats she occasionally received from a number of you too!

“Sadly of late, Susie’s health had deteriorated but we made sure that she received medicine and regular check ups with the Vet, to ensure she was not in any pain. To save her from any further indignity and in the best interests of Susie, one of the team at Island Vet Care Veterinary Practice, came out to the Garden Centre and put Susie to rest very peacefully in the comfort of her home.

“We know Susie had a lot of friends and she would like nothing more than for us to celebrate her life with you all. We are currently in the process of arranging a get together for all of Susies friends where everyone is invited to come along. Details of this will be circulated on our page over the next few days”.

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Rest in Peace Susie 🐾

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White Otter

Beautiful, gentle Susie. Was an honour to have known her. X


So sad after all the love she gave customers RIP Susie you were loved by so many including my grand children and us all in the family.

Jenny Godfrey

She was a lovely cat and been very looked after. In busy bees hope u all ok we will all miss her as I’ve seen her with my brother and aunty a couple times she came up too say hello too us too

Dave Rivett

Loved that cat, a tribute to all that loved her that she lived so long, 20 is a VERY good age for a feline. RIP Susie xx

mary ward

so very sad she was part of island life r.i.pxx

Patrick Hall

Susie lived to great age for a cat. Brown tabbies like her are very intelligent and understand English very well. I lost my own little tabby ten years ago at the age of twenty. I still miss her alot.


I am so sorry to hear the news, she was a very friendly cat and it was an honour to have met her many times over the years. It has been obvious in recent times that this sweet old lady was finding it a struggle to move around, she was obviously well looked after and enjoyed her surroundings. Condolences to the owners and Busy Bee staff, many of whom I am sure will be rather sad at this time to say the least. The team at Island VetCare are second to none, so she was in good hands. To reach… Read more »

Carolyn Davies

Aww how sad such a lovely cat you were Susie we shall miss seeing you walking around or sleeping on one of the chairs such a good age too?
RIP Susie .

Brenda Heffernan

We am so sorry to hear of Suzie’s passing. Myself and my children saw her just before christmas. She came over to say hello to us. We are homoured to have known her although devastated at her death. Rest in peace sweet little Suzie. Now your out of pain you can run free over the Rainbow Bridge. You will be greatly missed by us all xxxx

Narina Nichols

Very sad always made a point of finding her when we visited the store


How sad 🙁 always looked out for her


Awwww used to love seeing her curled up in the manger with Baby Jesus!! RIP Susie 🙁 xxxxxxx

L. Palmer

Was very sorry to hear the news, but didn’t she do well, to live such a long and obviously happy life after a being a stray. R.I.P Susie


Shame such a lovelycat


Often taking a sleeping part in one of the Christmas tableau. (I always thought she was the boss up there )


Only saw her last week and she was looking very tired then. What a wonderful life she was given by Busy Bee so all credit to them. You will be missed little one, RIP.


What a wonderful age for a cat which just goes to show how well she was looked after so credit to Busy Bee staff for giving her the love she deserved. Saw her last week and she was looking very tired then. RIP little one.

Gladys Smith

So sad I always visit Busy when I visit my Granddaughter which is often it being a favourite shop. Susie was always there somewhere often asleep and didn’t move making you wonder if she was real. Will be sadly missed. RIP you beautiful girl

So sad

Saw her only a few days before, She enjoyed being ticked behind her ears but has an abscess or something above her eye. I wonder if the bad weather affected her eventually when she was up there all alone at night, such strong gales recently.
Feel so sad to hear this news. Such a dear, sweet, soul.

So sad

Meant to read tickled behind her ears, not ticked. and ‘had’ an abscess, Damn typos

I will miss her and feel sad whenever I go there now.

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