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Police are in attendance at a road traffic collision on the outskirts of Ryde after a car left the road and came to a stop in a ditch earlier on tonight (Friday).

The incident has occurred on Carters Road between Upton Cross and Smallbrook Roundabout.

A BMW 3-Series has been damaged in the crash, which saw the vehicle collide with a telegraph pole shortly before 21:55.

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It is unknown if the occupants of the car have suffered any injuries.

The road was initially closed due to fallen cables but has now re-opened in both directions. Recovery has been arranged.

UPDATE – Matthew Dennis Newton, of Ashey Road in Ryde, has been charged with 2 offences.

He is accused of being the driver of a vehicle failing to stop after a road accident – give name and address of self and owner/vehicle details and also being the driver of a vehicle involved in a road accident fail to report that accident.


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piolot error by the sound of things too fast for road conditions


Too many accidents lately these drivers need a retest before they injure someone.

Az-zahra Aziz

Seems the drink and drug purge needs to be full time on this Island infested with such selfish beings. Many growing and dealing from cheap Beemers.

Maybe not in this case, by my car had managed to ‘stick’ on the road for the last decade with issues.

Clive Hammond

More bad driving on the isle of wight


More bad driving on the IoW

Island Fool

Where are the stupid comments? 😀
Doh! 😉


Yet another single vehicle accident !!!

Tim C

Yeah, real intelligent input guys. Well done.
Why don’t you stand to the side of the accidents wagging your fingers.


more police patrols needed to check cars many driving under the influence of drugs and drink,but the canabis users seem to get ‘let off’ they are just as much a hazard as a drink driver

Phil mccavity

More bad driving on the I o w


I didn’t realize we still used Telegraph on the Island

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