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Photo: Superintendent Claire Taylor / Hampshire Constabulary

1 person was arrested and a blade was taken off the streets of the Isle of Wight during a national week of action against knife crime.

‘Operation Sceptre’ took place between Monday 11th and Sunday 17th March and was proactively supported by Hampshire Constabulary, both on and off the Island. The operation continually aims to highlight the risks that carrying a bladed weapon can bring, as well as targeting offenders who use and carry knives.

Officers carried out test purchase operations of knives from identified retailers, high visibility patrols, local engagement activity, weapon sweeps and use of surrender bins as part of the week of action.

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On the Isle of Wight, a total of 7 weapon sweeps were carried out but no knives were recovered. However, 1 person was arrested for a knife-related offence and officers seized 1 blade during a stop and search.

The force as a whole saw 19 knife-related arrests with some 140 knives seized.

Temporary Superintendent Claire Taylor, Knife crime lead for Hampshire Constabulary, said:

“Even though levels of knife crime in Hampshire and Isle of Wight are low, there is a continuing concern nationally around knife crime, which has seen an increase following a downward trend.

“Tackling violence remains a key priority for the Force and we intend to keep up the momentum. The work around knife crime is on-going daily business tackling knife offences, arresting those who carry knives and confiscating dangerous weapons.

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“In our week of action operations we targeted habitual offenders in crime hotspots, resulting in arrests and weapons seized. We also worked with Trading Standards to identify retailers who are failing to meet their responsibilities under the law on selling.

“Equally important is the community engagement we have been carrying out in our towns and cities – informing and educating the public about knife crime and how they can help prevent it. We have been supporting the Knife Free campaign led by the Home Office encouraging under 18s to not carry weapons.

“We take knife crime very seriously, and as part of my role sitting on the National Working Group, we will be working with our partners to look at best practice across the country to reduce the access to and the use of knives in crime. This will be considered to identify opportunities to tackle knife related criminal activity occurring in Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight.

“We are also fully committed to engaging and working in accordance with the Home Office Serious Violence strategy. Our commitment has been, and will be, moving forward to work in partnership with communities, local authorities and other agencies to reduce the prevalence of serious violence.

Temporary Superintendent Taylor added:

“Our primary focus is on those vulnerable people living within our communities who could be targeted by others connected with drug and knife-related crime, which can have a devastating impact. Part of this would not be possible if it wasn’t for residents letting us know about suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods. The information you give us helps us to build a real picture of what is going on and where we need to focus our resources.”

If you notice unusual activity in your street, or you are concerned about someone carrying a knife, call police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Be interesting to see what was seized ( knives) on the island,and the punishment that follows,if any.???????

Claus Wittrock
Claus Wittrock

Young people have always enjoyed to carry knifes. They have used for a number of quite legal activities such as making some wooden things. I liked my self to make small totem pin sticks.
I suggest:

1. You have to have license for carrying a knife or having it in your room.
2, If arrested without a license you will subject to fines.
3. For a license you have to go through a short examen in a police station or a school, so you understand the risks of knifes.


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