CBD has become an international trend and provides a rapidly growing industry especially in the United Kingdom and the USA. 

CBD is now generally available retail in high street shops. CBD is relatively untested though many tell stories of how much it helps with big and small ailments. Are you wondering what CBD does and how you should take it? Our reviews offer a great place to start by exploring some of the UK’s most popular CBD brands.

We are on the lookout for the best CBD oil in the UK.

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Best CBD Oil UK: The Top 9 CBD Brands for 2021

1. Blessed CBD

Our top pick for the best CBD oil UK 2021.

With raving reviews from the likes of Reader’s Digest, Hypothesis Journal, Observer, Discover Magazine, Express, QuitNet and even Daily Record, Blessed CBD is the CBD oil to try this year.

Blessed CBD is simply the purest and most powerful CBD oil available on the UK market right now. Whether you are using Blessed CBD for chronic pain or relaxation, many customers are definitely impressed with its effects. 

Blessed CBD offers unusually strong dosing, with up to 1,800 mg of CBD oil strength. Most CBD oil companies produce a range from 250 to 1000 mg. Naturally, Blessed CBD offers smaller dosed ranges from 500 mg to 1000 mg too.

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The extraction process for Blessed CBD is the highest-quality: the co2 extraction process. They produce full-spectrum CBD oil (more effective than broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate) and contains a long list of helpful cannabinoids (including CBDA, CBG and more), as well flavonoids and a strong set of terpenes, and fatty acids, providing the sought after entourage effect. 

Blessed CBD is also organic-only with great care taken in growing the best products in the USA (Colorado and Oregon).

Finally, Blessed CBD offers great transparency and trust. They send their batches to a third-party lab for lab reports that offer a detailed explanation of what’s in their product, and to verify the actual CBD and other mineral content of their product.

Blessed CBD is our top pick as the best CBD oil in the UK. They are pure, strong, and they offer education instead of upselling. Their customer service is also quick to respond and answer any and all questions.

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2. Vibes CBD

Vibes CBD are a small company in the UK that makes fewer products, but makes them very well. At the moment, their product range consists of CBD oil and CBD capsules only.

Vibes CBD regulates and tests their product like Blessed CBD, with third-party lab reports about their product, proving they have outstanding purity and quality. Their quality is the result of a supercritical co2 extraction method. They use and grow only organic hemp and use no chemicals, fertilizers, additives, or solvents during their process.

Vibes CBD offers a similar range in their CBD oil tinctures and CBD capsules. For starters, they offer 1000 mg for managing lower amounts of stress and pain, up to 2000 mg to manage stronger issues. 

However, remember CBD is not an official medicine and all the brands on this list do not make medical claims. Always consult with your doctor if you have questions about CBD.

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3. Crush CBD

Crush CBD is based out of London, and is run by the same team behind the award-winning CBD olie company, Nutra CBD in Netherlands. Crush CBD puts better than average care into their selection of organic hemp crops and has a genetic selection of the best kind of hemp for the best kind of hemp CBD oil.

They use no pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals during their growing process, and their products are non-GMO. Their plants are extracted with the co2 extraction method, including medical grade co2. 

With their range of products and great care in providing CBD oil products, Crush CBD shows they love hemp by offering one of the best products in the UK CBD industry.

4. Jersey Hemp

Care about the earth and about where your products come from? Look no further than Jersey Hemp for quality CBD oil on the CBD market.

Jersey Hemp is vegan CBD oil that is also organic and gluten-free. The combination makes Jersey Hemp one of the most environmentally friendly CBD companies currently out there in the UK market.

Jersey Hemp uses the supercritical co2 extraction method and each batch comes with certification regarding it’s purity and ingredients list.

The company makes its CBD oil available in CBD tinctures and CBD capsules. Jersey Hemp is rather strong since it’s all-natural and comes in just a couple of strengths, though it is quite effective in their standard sizes.

5. Holistic Hemp

Holistic Hemp is based in Scotland. Their cannabis plants are grown across Europe in smaller farms, which are held to strict standards including no pesticides or chemicals.

Holistic Hemp uses a rare process in which they hand pick and dry their hemp, then use low pressure and low heat to extract the product. This method is believed to keep the chemical profile, including the terpene profile, as great as possible.

The company only offers one strength of tincture at 500 mg, but they are a rare company that also makes pastes. CBD paste can be added to anything and is much stronger. CBD paste is a bit different than CBD cream, which is generally used in topical skin care.

Given their hand-picked results, Holistic Hemp is a little more expensive, but many users will enjoy their pastes and high-quality products.

6. Cannwell

Cannwell is fairly new to the UK CBD market but offers a bigger variety of products and a very easily approached source of information. 

Cannwell offers tinctures with ranges from 250 mg to 1000 mg, and CBD edibles as well as gummies, and CBD vape pens from CBD e-liquid cartridges. Cannwell is ready to fit just about any way you would like to take your CBD.

All of Cannwell’s oil comes from good quality European grown cannabis plants. They also provide third-party lab results for their batches and are a member of the Cannabis Trades Association which furthers research and the CBD market itself in the UK.

7. Bud and Tender

Bud and Tender is fairly new and is smaller, but offers great products.

They use a different grown hemp extract process with ethanol for filtering. The purity isn’t badly impacted and you still get a full lab report for every batch offered. Ethanol is significantly better than extraction processes like butane, which can add harmful elements.

The result is an exceptional oil that tastes lighter and more fruity than average, and it kicks in fast. They have great reviews and are fast to respond to all online inquiries.  Bud and Tender is also a bit cheaper than other products due in part to its ethanol process.

8. Elixinol

Elixinol is grown and produced in Portland, Oregon. Elixinol is popular in the US and since the UK legalized CBD, they are available here too.

Elixinol offers a high-quality co2 extraction process and their purity is exceptional with 0% THC for the UK market. Each batch comes with third-party lab reports so you know the exact contents. 

Elixinol offers more flavors than average including lemon, grapefruit, spearmint, peppermint and more. These are especially great if you don’t like the natural taste of CBD – it’s way easier to try!

Given Elixinol is a US-based brand, their shipping might take a week or two to the UK.

8. CBD Armour

CBD Armour is a known scientific company that offers a range of CBD products. On their website, you see CBD vapes, oil tinctures, creams and more. They also have many positive reviews and are highly regarded in the cannabis community. They are also transparent about their process regarding extraction methods.

They offer a reasonable range of naturally inspired flavors like mint, and offer third-party lab results which verify the purity of their product for every batch.

What is CBD oil and why would I use it?

CBD is also called cannabidiol and is one of the compounds extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, which generally is called cannabis for short. Unlike THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is extracted from marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive and won’t get you “high.”

Instead, many users of CBD products claim it helps with a variety of health benefits. Labs and scientists are still doing studies to prove the effects that many claim CBD products have. Results so far, however, have been promising. 

The oil itself is taken from the hemp plant and is sometimes mistakenly called hemp seed oil, or just hemp oil (most of the time, hemp seed oil is used as the carrier oil). The flowers and leaves from the plants are ground down and made into a consumable oil product.

Companies like GoldBee have also started offering unique honey-based CBD products.

How is CBD oil produced?

The oil is distilled from the leaves, stems, stalks, and flowers of the hemp plant rather than the cannabis plant (depending on the variety of hemp and the concentration needed). The variety of hemp used also creates different concentrations, so the entire process, plant to product, is carefully monitored.

All CBD products have an excellent benefit in that they won’t get you high! For any product to be considered CBD oil, the UK Home Office requires that the hemp extract used for the products must contain less than 0.2% THC content, and can only be sold as a food supplement.

Is CBD oil legal in the UK for 2021?

A recent law change in the UK makes CBD products completely legal, as long as their THC content is below .2%. CBD must also be sold as a health or wellness food supplement. High-quality products offer little to no THC. Different extraction processes are used to remove more THC from cannabis. Some users don’t mind the potential for THC in their CBD oil but many users prefer no chance of THC induced side effects.

What are the potential benefits of CBD?

CBD helps with multiple health issues, including potential long term positive for problems like Alzhemier’s and multiple sclerosis

Problems potentially alleviated by CBD include:

  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Cancer pain
  • Acne. Topical treatments can reduce the oiliness of skin and clog fewer pores.
  • General sore muscles after a workout.
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Chronic pain treatment
  • Relaxation
  • Stress


CBD does have minor side effects, including drowsiness, and lack of appetite. 

How does CBD work?

Cannabinoids temporarily alter what’s called the endocannabinoid system within your body. The Endocannabinoid system is responsible for many of your feelings, including pain and hunger. CBD oil, especially in the full-spectrum form, changes the way receptors act and provides temporary relief from the negative effects of cannabinoids.

Does CBD show up on drug tests?

Most drug tests do not look for CBD. However, if CBD contains an excessive amount of THC content, it could. Buying CBD from well-known companies is essential in this case. 

What are the different forms of CBD?

There are many forms of cannabis oil.

Tinctures: Tinctures are literally glass vials that often come with a dropper. 10ml bottles are common. The dropper can be measured and used to precisely measure the amount of CBD oil used. Simple methods of ingestion include dropping oil onto or under the tongue and holding for a minute. CBD oil drops are quite common.

Edibles: Edibles are gummies or cookies. CBD gummies and cookies often come in a big variety of flavors though they are often higher in calories and have a fixed CBD dosage. These products are especially nice for those who do not like the natural taste of CBD oil.

Capsules: Like taking medicine, capsules are pills. They have a fixed dosage and are often best because they taste like nothing.

Vapes: Vaping is very popular and involves heating up CBD e-liquid for inhaling. Vape pens can be taken anywhere and are often acceptable in public. The long-term effects of vaping have not been studied along with their impact on your lungs.

Pastes: As mentioned earlier, pastes can be used on nearly anything or just eaten. Paste can be spread on bread or mixed with almost any food. Paste products can be a bit more difficult to dose properly and can result in strong effects.

Tea: Tea is mixed in via bags or a powder. If you prefer tea as a general drink, hemp tea can be an easy adjustment for you.  

Skeptical about a form of CBD? Read some customer reviews. Companies should have verifiable testimonials posted on their website. Use trusted third-party sources too.

The takeaway on CBD oil in the UK

One of the most important parts about purchasing a CBD product in the UK is knowing which brands to trust. We have provided a thorough overview of which brands are currently the best, and which ones might best fit your use. 

Try to find the kind of products you like and try multiple companies. You might like certain flavors and amounts. Tell companies what you like too! With many new brands coming on the market, you have opportunities to help set the course for the future of CBD products. 

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