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undercliffdrivecollapseThe Isle of Wight Council has this week advised Island Roads to reposition road closure barriers along Undercliff Drive after they were moved without permission.

The replacement barriers will prevent any unauthorised vehicular access along the temporary road, which was constructed by residents last year, and ensure the safety of residents.

The council has written confirmation from its insurers that the road, in its current condition, is not covered under the terms of its insurance, leaving the council open to significant legal claims should an incident occur.

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Island Roads has advised residents known to be living in their properties of the intention to reposition the barriers.

Councillor Phil Jordan, Executive member for public protection, said:

“We understand the frustrations of those living in the affected area, however we have a responsibility for people’s safety and must follow the legal and insurance advice that we have been given. We would however reiterate that progress is ongoing with the plans for the new road, as approved by the Executive, and that this is being treated as a priority.”

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