A company director is due to appear in court charged with knowingly and fraudulently obtaining money from Islanders through his company Angel Coatings.

Simon Regan, 56, of Barrows Green in Crewe, Stoke-on-Trent faces 3 charges of carrying on the business of a company with the intent to defraud creditors/for other fraudulent purposes.

It’s alleged that between 2014 and 2017, Mr Regan obtained money from consumers for resin installation works knowing that the business was being carried out for a fraudulent purpose, contrary to Section 993 of the Companies Act 2006.

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The charges, which have been brought to court by the Isle of Wight Council, relate to Angel Coatings Limited, Angel Coatings Resin Drives Limited and National Resin Drives Limited.

When trading on the Island, Angel Coatings described themselves as ‘energy saving roof & wall and driveway coating experts’. The company was based in Shanklin.

The case will be heard at the Isle of Wight Magistrates Court in due course.

UPDATE SATURDAY – In response to our article, Mr Regan has shared a statement.

The statement, in his own words, reads:

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“Simon regan spent £31000 in insurance backed guarantees for island customers in case something went wrong with the company.. yet only 3 isle of wight people have made claim the premiums would of covered every Job sold on the island.. trading standards have somehow found 90 customers who have issues with there work .. this was only found by sending questionnaires to all my clients..of course people will jump on the band wagon and say yes I’ve got a problem”.

“There has been an advert running for 6 to 8 months… again only 5 people have come forward with issues .would a business offer the above if it was deceiving people ..

“The hearing has been adjourned as my wife has received devastating medical news .. in the mean time an island based Co is on hand to rectify any reported poor work..”

An advert placed locally reads:

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“Angel Coatings Resin Repair

“Free repair under guarantee of passed [sic] work carried out by the above company in respect of resin drives or patios ..if you have had work go wrong contact us ASAP to book your free repair ..no charges.

“01983 722241”

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