Sovereign Housing Association is giving out activity packs to help some of its most vulnerable residents get through the long days ahead.

The activity packs are a joint initiative between Sovereign’s Concierge and Communities teams. Thanks to Sovereign’s Communities Fund, over 500 activity packs have been purchased for residents in their housing for older people schemes.

Earlier this year around 200 packs were received by vulnerable residents.

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The packs contain colouring pads, paint by numbers, puzzles, pencils and pens. They are being delivered to the most vulnerable and needy residents in Sovereign’s housing for older people schemes in Devon, the Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

Tracey Scutter, Wellbeing Officer at Sovereign, worked with a supplier on content and quantities for delivery before the Concierge team hand delivered the parcels to the residents. She said:

“This is the second bundle of packs that our Concierge team have distributed to our residents since March. With the support of our Communities team it’s really made a difference to our residents, some of whom have found the last few months quite difficult.  It’s been great all working together as one!”

The initial idea for the packs came from Diane Humphries, Community Development Officer for Sovereign, who said:

“It’s been fabulous working alongside other Sovereign teams on this. It’s amazing what we can achieve together, and I know the activity packs will be most welcome by residents at this time.”

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5 months ago

Workers will be removing even more grafitti from their properties walls soon then.

Black Jack
Black Jack
5 months ago

As Sovereign ,it could be said, were partly responsible for the problem in the first place by closing the communal lounges in their properties before the second lockdown even though some of the lounges were big enough to allow the ‘ rule of six ‘ with the social distancing and indeed giving ‘verbal warnings’ to some residents who tried to use the lounge, maybe they should take a hard look at themselves and ask ‘was this the best thing they could have done.

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