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Island residents are being reminded there is just one week to go to have their say on a consultation looking at potential changes to the Local Council Tax Support Scheme.

The annual two-month consultation – part of the process to help set council tax – closes on 30 September. No decisions have yet been made for next year.

The consultation presents a series of new options, influenced by financial factors and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. It can be accessed via the council’s website at www.iow.gov.uk/lcts.

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The new options include reducing the maximum level of council tax support from 70 % to either 65 % or 60 %.

Also among the 6 options are: changing the blanket protection of claimants in receipt of a disability benefit, with future reductions based on income and household details; including Carer’s Allowance in total income calculations; not including the housing element of Universal Credit in income; and changes to levels of earnings ‘disregards’ and non-dependent deductions.

The changes could affect more than 5,300 existing working age claimants across the Island, with some potentially seeing an increase in their council tax support and others a reduction. Those of pension age will not be affected.

The consultation and other factors will be used to shape a final decision by the council early in 2021. If approved, changes to the scheme could be made from April next year.

Cabinet member for resources, Councillor Brian Tyndall, said:

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“We would urge residents to have their say on this important consultation, which considers proposals affecting local council tax support next year.”

“Currently it is estimated the council may have a shortfall due to the coronavirus pandemic of about £10 million for next year, which means we are having to closely reassess all areas of council spending.”

“We are continuing to develop options to manage this very difficult situation – including in relation to the Local Council Tax Support Scheme.”

“No decisions, however, have yet been made, and we would like to reassure residents we will maintain our hardship fund to ensure it has the capacity to support those in particular need. We will also play our part in supporting government schemes aimed at helping those in need on the Island.”

Paper copies of the survey can be requested by contacting the council on (01983) 823950. An ‘easy read’ version can be obtained by contacting People Matter on (01983) 241494.

Once the consultation closes on 30 September, the responses will be closely considered and recommendations made to the Full Council in January next year. The new scheme is due to be released from April 2021.

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I honestly can not see any point in bothering to take part in this consultation as they will not take any note of what anyone says.
They have already decided what they will be doing and they do not care who it affects as can be seen by a lot of their decisions lately.

Karn Evil 9

Is this a sick joke, they take a pay rise and the poorest will have to pay more. So corrupt it’s unbelievable, if Hitler did survive the war I’m sure he is advising our council.


Their rise will be your loss.
Vote these greedy and some corrupt council out next time.
DON’T leave it to others to do, YOU do it.

Last edited 27 days ago by Bran
Opinions Matter

Well said Bran. I hear so many islanders say “no I don’t vote, there’s no point, the Conservatives always get in”. Well yes, they do because non-voters are giving them the front door key to County Hall everytime. Get voting everybody when the next General Election comes up, make that trip to the Polling Station, put your cross in the box for who you would like to see running our country and the Isle of Wight. If you don’t vote, in my opinion, you don’t have the right to complain about the way the UK is run!!!


Of course the Council tax will increase – who else other then we Islanders will be paying for the unwanted St Marys roundabout, the unwanted continuing costs for the unwanted chain ferry 6, the unwanted costs for the unwanted painting of stupid dots on the ground for covid, and so it goes on and on …..Consultation? What a sick pi** take.


Paying for the useless w****rs pay rise.


“No decisions, however, have yet been made…”
Yeah yeah, keep telling yourself that Brian. We all know it’s going up. And hopefully next year, you will be leaving town hall for good.

Opinions Matter

They, Councillors, all gave themselves a pay rise didn’t they!!!! Beggars belief really, that lot in County Hall.

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