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7 Nigerian men have been re-bailed following the Nave Andromeda maritime security incident off the coast of the Isle of Wight last month.

Although the arrested men have been bailed, they all remain detained under Border Force powers. Their bail has been extended until Monday 25th January 2021 in relation to the criminal investigation into the incident.

Detectives are continuing to examine the events of Sunday 25th October, which led to the Special Boat Service storming the oil tanker off Ventnor.

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22 crew members on board the Nave Andromeda were rescued by special forces after a 10-hour ordeal, as timelined by Island Echo.

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Petite Pots

Here for life, but not in jail, charity kept and then free to create scattered clones to continue providing misery for the UK for generations.


Welcome to Britain any would be terrorist.
We will finance you from here on in.
What a message this sends out. Un- bloody- believable.

Last edited 5 days ago by Banner
Opinions Matter

They are now firmly in the queue for a flat at P en Feath in Ryde…..

Gentle-man farmer

them’ll need one wid plenny o bed rooms then.


I expect they are waiting for their houses to be built on the island, then they will send for their families…


Vile beings, and will create many more in their all too long lifetime. All paid for by us. And this crime will be minor compared. Plenty more when Ryde and other areas are built and ‘filled’.


Why can they not just send them back where they came from? I suppose that’s against their human rights !! Or they are called refugees? No they are violent criminals and should be treated as such. Send them home .

Opinions Matter

You would think this is the obvious thing to do huh, send them back to Nigeria. What a crazy system we have which is so called English Law……..they are probably laughing their b*lls off right now because they have achieved what they set out to do.


Bailed!!send the fs home.there plan worked.happy days

Level Phil

I can’t believe that ‘detectives’ need further time to examine the events of 25th October. Examine what? They are clearly criminals – just send them back to where they come from and make sure that they never return.


Plain and simple?! Crime pays. Why do we bother working hard, paying our taxes & being law abiding citizens.
Soft touch Britain at its best. These people were caught red hand by the SBS. They should automatically be prison or shipped back to where they come from.


I can’t stand these bloody procedures!
Just send them back to where they belong END OF !!!!!!!

Hendrick Olsan

Those who have to prove to the world that they have been unfairly treated, need to look more inwardly to see the answer as to why they were and still are not accepted as others are by the majority of the worlds people. The Germans due to a clever but evil leader did terrible things to humanity during the war, BUT they, as a people, are quickly and rightly so forgiven and accepted. The Japanese the same, again soon trusted by the world now. So perhaps those who think they don’t deserve mis trust should look at their past and,… Read more »

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