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hampshiregunamnestyA total of 4 guns were surrendered to Police on the Isle of Wight during Hampshire Constabulary’s recent amnesty, adding to the overall total of more than 125 recovered across the region.

Members of the public have this month been urged to hand in any firearms they may posses without a licence, or firearms otherwise held illegally, in the 12-day campaign between 10th and 21st November.

Chief Constable Andy Marsh said:

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“We’ve run the surrender as part of a co-ordinated national surrender of firearms and it’s something most police forces do periodically.

“Crime is rare and low in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight compared to national rates and gun crime is incredibly low.

“This is 126 weapons that will now not find their way into the hands of people who might cause harm with them to themselves or others and I’m very pleased about that and grateful to the people who surrendered them.”

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