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Public Health England has confirmed that there are 2 new cases of coronavirus on the Isle of Wight.

The new cases were identified on Saturday (8th August), according to the latest data made available.

Before that, 2 cases were identified on 27th and 28th July. That means 4 new cases have been identified in the past 2 weeks alone.

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The total number of cases confirmed on the Island to date is 425.

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Sad but not at all surprising given the influx of visitors in the last 6 weeks

Old bean

Is any islander surprised all these holiday makers over here bring there bloody diseases over here then bugger of back joke disgusting they were allowed over here in first place


Got a link to the proof it was “holiday makers” that brought it over and not “islanders” visiting the mainland and catching it?

Old bean

we Had no cases for weeks then open up idiot season now we have COVID back hmmmmm


Oh dear. You are not very bright, are you?


So if there are one in 2000 people on average in the UK that have active Covid and Wightlink alone are transporting 20,000 people per week to the Island then who is the dim one? I find it absolutely remarkable that we only have 2 new cases especially given the huge disregard we see from holiday makers and islanders for social distancing. The supermarkets are a joke – so many self concerned selfish people who don’t give a toss if they infect a vulnerable person . Hold on to your hats its coming back.

Last edited 1 month ago by Paul Smith

And now, exactly as I predicted, we have 7 new cases reported on 15th August. ( probably 16 realistically using the Kings College estimate multiplication factor).So how did the new cases get her ? Carrier pigeon? We were free of cases for nearly a month! Our local government, MP, and ferry companies need to hang their heads in shame. This was totally avoidable as they know. Lets hope no one dies from this new outbreak,.


Bloody mainlanders all want to be rounded up dumped on a boat and pushed out to sea

Daniel J Winsbury

We had a great time though and used the Eat out to help out


Bloody islanders! Moved here a year ago due to serious illness. The attitude and total exploitation of tradesman has made my illness worse. Most islanders i have met actually frighten me with their small minded, greedy and disgusting morales. I would happily round them all up and dump them in the sea!


Go back where you came from then

P .m.h.

That is the lot that moved over here before u mate,and the next lot will say it about you,,no joke,,hope u get better soon,,ptd


You have come to the wrong place if you moved here due to a serious illness our hospital is already over stretched, Because of people like you.
And then you hide behind a keyboard and slag islanders off. bye bye!

P .m.h.

If u want I will pay 4 u ,stop complaining about the holiday maker,s,,they give us job,s,,money,yes,go and make the Iland look better,,


Would they tell us ? I doubt it

The Truth

You do realise the Island is an holiday destination and if it wasn’t for the holiday makers bringing their bloody money with them this place would be an absolute s***hole! Ridiculous comment…

Old bean

Are you a mp by any chance you care more about money than peoples health explains your morals in one

Miss daisy

How can you have a good health if you dont have any money you moron!



Jammy dodger.

Easy to say when you don’t need to earn a living .

The Truth

Fella, I’m not going to disrespect you but you really need study how economics work. This island wouldn’t survive without tourists and holiday makers. No Holiday makers + no money = a huge reduction in jobs and tax paid in to the local council. That in turn means less help for the elderly and unwell, closure of school’s and council departments, it’s a massive knock on effect that this island couldn’t cope with. Your council tax and government subsidies only go so far.

Old bean

Well you sound a selfish Pratt wouldn’t change my life style if no holiday makers so for once I am thinking of myself


Selfish git me me me


Economy and health are interlinked. You can’t have one without the other. Good health for economy but also able to pay taxes to provide health services. So yes you need a healthy economy to have healthy people.


Money pays tax, Tax pays NHS! Or do you think Money grows on trees for the unemployed…


That’s true BUT we are a small Island with an aging population. If we got a serious outbreak on here it could be catastrophic so allowing thousands of people on here before the Pandemic is contained is a worry.


It’s a shit hole without there bloody money anyway lol

P .m.h.

U don,t. Think it is then


It is not said that these people we’re infected by holiday makers , it could have easily come from people living on the Ilse of Wight , my son as gone to see his grandma which he has not seen all year and we have no new cases were we live so it is not just visitors is also people on the isle if they don’t keep their distance xx

Horse face

Cll Whittle has never had it so good, owning many Ryde seaside attractions. I doubt he will see what all the fuss is about when cashing up each day.


And he’s a really nice guy that I have time for, that’s more than can be said for a jealous name dropper at least he earns a living.

Jammy dodger.

What’s the matter? Jealous because someone has worked hard to build their own business .



Old bean

Ha ha


Bankrupt economy that can’t pay for the NHS, and living in a communist state? You should move to cuba or Venezuela, you would love it.
By the way, take your comrades with you.

Stuart Wilson

I came over with my family for a weeks holiday and kept our self apart and clean, washed our hands at every turn , kept the 2 meter rule and my wife works for the nhs and is tested weekly. So dont judge everyone the same.

Daniel J Winsbury

We had a great time though.


If it wasn’t for the holiday makers your island would go bust.


It wasn’t started off on mainland Britain or don’t ya watch the news idiot.

simon wells

Myself and family visited your Isle for holiday we are both key workers who have worked very hard over the recent months, we spent our hard earned money on your island chosing to boost a local economy rather than a foreign country. In future I shall choose another destination so as not to upset the islanders and i will spend my money elsewhere I shall not be coming back. I and a number of friends were going to visit the island when the TT races were going to be on again spending money in your economy but after some of… Read more »


Not all Islanders have the same mentality as some who’ve posted on here. We all need each other for various reasons so I for one hope you reconsider and visit the island again.


Not everyone feels this way. Most of us know how much the island economy depends on tourism. Its sad to see all the holiday facilities empty or suffering during this time. Its just a typical drawbridge mentality that you’ll find in any small community where it is invaded by thousands each year. Personally we’re still social distancing and staying safe and hope most will be sensible too.


Let’s hope that the latest 2 confirmations have a quick and successful recovery. We still have (thank god) a very low infection rate of approx 0.003 of our population. Would have been better if it was zero infections and deaths. Stay safe.

Bing Bong

well we’ve flattened the curve thanks to the govt advice and all so we’re on the way out of all this 🙂

Last edited 1 month ago by Bing Bong

Wake up its just begun


No one knows if they are islanders who have been to the mainland, islanders who haven’t been off the island or mainlanders bringing it with them. But…. it would be interesting to know where they normally reside…?


its a shame they cant take it back with them

Big john

It was obviously going to happen, Sandown esplanade looks like a 1970s summer, which is great for business, it’s about containment now, how we have been so lucky up till now is a miracle.


Went to a wedding the other day all the youngsters grouping together for photos everybody
carrying on as if nothing is happening.


nothing has happened


It was obviously going to be higher with all the visitors on the island. Getting out of cars on ferry does help either

Martin Shoebridge

We’ll know if it was mainlanders in a week or so’s time…. If any of them are, our figures will get marked down and some other’s town will get marked up. That’s how it works.


I think they are probably lslanders, mainlanders who tested positive last week aren’t counted because they don’t reside here.

Horse face

Never seen so many here. As councillors own seaside businesses, they will not be in any hurry to end visitors until after the holiday season is spent out.
So likely numbers will keep rising and more will die this Autumn and coming long Winter. Children will spread it around the school as they do all virus’s. Best to keep them away imo.


Lol at Cllrs owning businesses, it’s not a crime it’s called entrepreneurialism.


Are they islanders do we know or people visiting?


lots of holiday makers coming over.

Last edited 1 month ago by sfc

Can’t say it enough times, it is very small minded to try and place the blame on certain categories of people. Truth is it is inevitable that Covid will appear on the Island due to the amount of daily travel to and from it by both residents and mainlanders and asymptomatic carriers. The first thought is to protect yourselves and others by following the rules, particularly now when there are more people on the Island. That is why we have been fortunate with a relatively small number of cases to date.


True but unfortunately nobody seems to follow the guidelines anymore. They are still too vague . Everywhere you look both islanders and tourists are going about their business as though it’s all over absolutely no social distancing at all. Just look at the beaches over the weekend. News reports all show hotspots like Bournemouth and Cornwall but it’s just the same here. It’ll be back and god help all the businesses that won’t survive another lockdown or their staff.
Let’s all try and do our bit and hope it doesn’t come to that.


I agree Smithy although i think most are following the straightforward guidance that masks are mandatory in shops and premises themselves are doing their best to adjust their floorspace to allow social distancing. The problem is guidance when it comes to outdoors. There was a Government briefing weeks ago where it was said people were at less of a risk of catching the virus outside. Then they reduced the social distance. This has led people to be less diligent and abuse or ignore distancing and mask wearing outside. Not great for seaside locations like ours but i still believe if… Read more »


Load of hysterical drivel bunker mentality. Get this, if they do not found a vaccine, this bug will be around for ever. Might as well get used to it now.


Absolutely right Tony it’s gonna be a long time till its gone… Build ur immunity rather that focus on what everyone else is doing.. As long as St Mary’s isn’t registering as unable to cope, pipe down yh x


Evidence continues to emerge pointing at the possible long term health effects of this, even in younger people along with examples of repeat infections, some with appalling consequences. Recent papers demonstrate victims can suffer a myriad of potentially life threatening complications and the localised airborne persistence evidence is already overwhelming. Hopefully, the mutations will see it weaken rather than become more serious because you can only live with it if it doesn’t kill you. Working in healthcare, we see hidden underlying medical conditions emerge in otherwise healthy people on a daily basis. Assuming immunity could be playing with fire. We… Read more »


Travelled by plane boat and road between Spain, ibiza, La Rochelle, mainland France, ile de re, London, Surrey and iow and still testing negative… U lot need to stop believing everything u read… Been in contact with 20,000+ people and still no covid… Stop being mugs, sitting indoors reading gutter press.. The world is still Turning and yet still I know 6 people dead in 6 months and none are from covid.. If you wanna isolate do it, if u wanna carry on with life do it… Stop falling for the lies and attacking each other… Peace out xx

Eye roll

Lucky you! If you’d caught it, your thoughts would be entirely different!

Christopher Davis

Clear lack of understanding from many many holiday makers who are in Cowes clearly they think when they got off the ferry they have arrived in a world without covid 19 and there for do not need masks and do not need social distancing so no wander things are starting to build again. Please don’t try to talk about the holiday trade and its money, that will still be here next year but those who catch covid 19 and die will not!

Miss Nursey

Yey you’re right Chris x


I went past “Daishes” in the old village, on the bus this morning and saw lots of people sat outside, waiting for their respective coaches to appear, ready to take them on todays outing. – All sat around laughing and having a lovely time, with absolutely no social-distancing in sight. I’m pretty sure that they don’t all belong to the same family or household so it just seems reckless to me. 🙁


Not surprising when you look at our beaches no social distancing, we are lucky it’s so few


Making people wear masks has proved to increase infection. The amount of times I’ve seen masks adjusted – particularly older people after Glasses steam up ect.


Utter rubbish Phil. It isn’t the mask but the mask wearer who is at fault. If a car driver drove into a wall would you then blame the car?


As someone who has just arrived on the island I think it’s fair to say we are taking extremely stringent precautions not to be infected or spread germs. Masks all the time. Hand washing and sanitation. But I do find it concerning that holiday makers don’t seem to be welcome throughout the south of England. If we hadn’t supported the holiday economy those places would be bankrupt by the end of this year.

Tony Doyle

This is crap, my kids have to go back to school next month. The government have left it to local council to deal with. They need to pull there finger out. Sod the holiday makers and quarintine the island. When the bubonic plague happened, it went away because everyone had to quarintine. Police need to come down tougher and so do the council. Many peoples lives are at risk.


Give it a rest doyle – how about you stay indoors and lock your door if you are so worried – the rest of us have accepted the fact that this virus is now part of the family of coronavirus that circulate the human species and are getting on with our lives as normal.

Jane woods

This is.why isle of man has no infections now or guernsey…

Jenny Byrne

Seriously some of the anti-mainland comments on here are rude and unnecessary. Get a grip it’s 4 cases! A tiny amount compared to the population of our Island! Of course any cases are sad but, without Tourism many businesses will close and people will lose their jobs. Our economy depends on the money they bring. Anyone could spread this virus around including Islanders, many of whom travel to the mainland. Hating the very people that contribute to our economy is unhelpful and unkind. Not everyone is retired and able to sit pretty in their homes. Many have to work and… Read more »

Old man logan

I find some of the comments about tourists highly disrespectful my family have been coming to the island for over 20years and we love the Isle and yes it was frustrating to see both tourists and islanders not social distancing in equal measure ,I found most tourists in shanklin very responsible about covid 19 and were abiding by the rules in shops,restraints and of course the ferry ,perhaps judging by some of the tourists go away type comments I should holiday elsewhere suitable for our type?


Absolutely right. The tourists here have been social distancing much more than the locals from what we can see. I haven’t been in one shop where they’ve insisted I use hand gel or wear a mask – in London shops have staff manning to door and insisting on hand gel and masks or you don’t go in full stop. The measures in London and elsewhere have been much more strict and complied with, because they have had a lot more to deal with with regards to Covid. Especially London with the amount of people travelling in and out. The local… Read more »


Why come on holiday during a pandemic then ,if you feel so unsafe go home.


That’s exactly what we’re doing, and it was booked way before the pandemic started and we ‘used’ to love the place and the people here. We have been coming here since we were kids, thankfully the majority of people here are nice but you’ve just confirmed we made the best decision.


Can you tell us what pub it is, would be nice to have a drink with locals.


If you choose to come on holiday during a pandemic you’re obviously not worried about the virus or anything else, so why waste your time on holiday on a local news website, get on with your holiday.


Alot of people think they won’t be allowed in the to shop without a mask on.. Ripping them off as soon as they leave. Maybe if the rules an regs were a bit stricter? people would have to be more careful..you know the saying ‘Give em an inch!’

Karn Evil 9

If you don’t like the comments maybe you should have waited until next year to visit.

mr justice

Suck it up folks, got to get that fear ramped up before they have the excuse of a second lockdown! So predictable!


Didnt take you long before making your usual inane comments.

Mr justice

Whats insane is the way you people are controlled by all this. The slightest mention and,we are all gonna die! It really is pathetic!


I don’t normally comment on these things but it’s out of line to assume these new cases are caused by tourists! Let me tell u I work for the NHS & I’ve worked straight through the crisis & from the BEGINNING people were not adhering to social distancing or wearing masks. I was constantly worried what my job could bring me into contact with & being on the closed environment of the bus daily. This could be islanders or tourists but u are all so caught up in a petty squabble u have lost sight of the people who died… Read more »


I cannot agree more Unfortunately there are a small minority of people on here which include Mr Justice who make crass, inane comments which have or lack substance just to wind people up.


you’re sooo right!

Mr justice

I beg to differ, if you have seen my posts of several months, you would have seen i always back up what i say with facts! My opinion and facts are obviously different, so please take this in account. If you want to debate your liars(government) facts then that’s fine.


Haven’t seen you mention any ‘facts’ on your posts here Mr J, just some extremist and condescending remarks. Come on, you can do better than that.

Mr justice

Ok,fact bs covid 19 down graded to a flu like virus, another fact swine flu killed 4million in the us, covid not even 1 million, agenda 21 fact, in 1992 176 countries signed up to the agenda, read it,then you will see what your life will be restricted to, fact Chinese social credit system, now in india and coming this way. Shall I continue? Pointless talking too sheep,so I dont bother because they are to blind and lazy to research the FACTS!

The oracle

David Icke facts perhaps. Stop being brainwashed and look at the bigger picture.

Mr justice

You are so dumb, the facts are there on your own governments website. Dimwit!

The oracle

Have you heard of reverse psychology. You are being sucked in. Wake up.

The oracle

I presume you watched the David Icke interview last week. Don’t you realise that he is part of the conspiracy. Double bluff. Get wise please.

The oracle

No response simpleton.? The world authorities love you lot. Thick.


You really need to re-read your posts and understand how much you come across as a paranoid extremist. Your ‘facts’ are irrelevant here as the key issue that worries people most is that there is not yet an approved vaccine for Covid, yet there is for the common flu and swine flu (two in fact for swine flu). As far as Agenda 21 is concerned go spread your crazy somewhere else, we have enough to go around already.

Mrs brown

Vaccine..your really waiting for a vaccine. wow you are so thick it’s actually funny! Facts are irrelevant because you chose them to be! And are scared of researching it in case it makes you realise what is actually happening. Flu vaccine is the biggest con ever. They have a vaccine approved years ago for covid when they planned the PLANDEMIC! But don’t tell you this as it fits in with their plan! What a numpty you really are.

Mrs brown

Do your research! Is it that hard for you to do? While you’re there researching check out DR. Bergman and he explains a lot including the fear being spread, vaccines oh and the germ theory! It’s clear your all too dame lazy to do it. But have plenty of time to pick holes in what you don’t think is true on here. Getting your 2pence worth! Stop being a sheeeep!!

Mr justice

What’s sad about this mrs brown,is the sheep havent a clue what’s coming to them, to all of us ! And it will be because of these people out lifes will never be the same, and our children’s lifes will be so controlled without the freedoms we once had,that’s the sadest part of all this!


Absolute and utter nonsense. I am beginning to think you are so narrow focused and blinkered in your views that you really do have the IQ of a rocking horse.


How can you be so self centred that you don’t care about people dying in a pandemic!

Mr justice

Did I say that,or implied? No!


Like someone who cannot see the Forrest for the trees isn’t it!

Mrs brown

People are dying of other things! You could get hit by a bus tomorrow and die and it would be labelled as “died of covid” god get a grip!

Mrs brown

Plandemic get it right! People die all the time! How can you be so stupid

Miss Nursey

Probably Northeners !


Tit you southern twat

Miss Nursey

Only a Northerner would be so offended!


Yes because we are the only ones that like to share. Dic


Simple solution, I would have thought – everyone should have their temperature taken before boarding the ferries. Anyone showing a temperature or symptoms should not be allowed to board the ferry. If a whole car full of people has to be turned away because of one passenger, so what! just give them a refund on their ferry fare. This should apply to all whether islanders or holiday makers. If this can be done at airports, why can’t it be done at ferry terminals, even my hairdresser is taking customers’ temperatures. Why has no-one thought of this yet – it’s not… Read more »


I’ve a better idea. Why don’t the ferry companies simply refuse travel to people coming from Covid hotspots – particularly the midlands. This is not rocket science.


Paul, i can buy into this idea more than the last exchange we had. Where local lockdowns exists those residing in those areas should be put back to lockdown levels we experienced prior to 01 June i.e. enforced travel restrictions.

roger everyone

Keep yourselves safe by reducing the risk. Keep away from people and don’t visit high risk areas. It’s that simple. Don’t worry about how many people are over here. Just avoid them. If it’s as infectious as they say, people not keeping themselves safe will catch it. See the virus as a kind of idiot removal tool.

Monkey nuts

They need Donald trump to build a 10 foot tall wall around the island. Will that make you islanders Happy?

sandra thompson

thank you all please enjoy your holiday break here but as we all know the virus is still with us please respect social distancing and help us to keep our island safe thank you so much please follow sensible guidelines God help us all xxxxxxx


Really disgusting comment. How dare you insult the people who keep this island going and provide an income for so many individuals and businesses. What a sad ‘low end’ person you are. I hope you are stuck in your sorry little drive permanently. You obviously of very low IQ yourself and need to grow some manners and a bit of class. Move somewhere else, you are not of island quality.

Christine Jacobs

But you cant blame holidaymakers all time maybe people had it on isle and never went anywhere


We are coming over there on sat for a holiday because that’s what people do when the government says we can.. we’ve not got covid but how do we know you haven’t. It’s people like you that are suddenly a subject matter expert and ruin it for everyone who is trying to get back to the new normal..and support local businesses
Wear your mask, do as your supposed to do and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.


If the government told you to jump off a cliff would you do it , and how do you know you haven’t got Covid, it’s holiday makers with your attitude that are annoying people.

Mrs brown

Mandy… stop blaming holiday makers!! Do your research it’s bloody flu. At least they are living their lives and not being controlled. You got more chance of dying in a traffic accident then covid! But the media will say “died of covid” yeah ok enough of the BS! It’s boring now.


Sorry I didn’t realise you were an epidemiologist, if all this is boring you why bother reading all the comments .

Eye roll

Just because the government says you can!! Think for yourselves!


Have a great time and enjoy the Island. Hope the weather stays good for you.

Tina Light

Where ??

Jill clarke

When you say confirmed, and then provide no other detail. It can lead to wild speculation. Have these people been hospitalised, or are they at the other end of the spectrum. Asymptomatic, and showing no symptoms.


Dear god people everyone is so busy blaming each other & all it will do is cause a divide between islanders & tourists. I’m an islander born & bred & I personally feel the island comes alive in summer when we have our mainland friends come visit & taking temperature at ferry terminals seems a good compromise. To our mainland friends pls do not think we are all of the petty small minded opinions being spouted on here. Will everyone just show each other a bit of love as a nation we’re in this together. Maybe some people who were… Read more »

Islander too

Unfortunately it’s a human frailty to blame everyone else but ourselves.

Karn Evil 9

To put it plainly, if you are in a pandemic and you feel trapped at home and unsafe, why come somewhere where you will feel safe but the residents who live there YOU make feel unsafe. Just stay away.

Karen Williams

Jesus, people needs to follow the COVID-19 law damnit

Me julie

In the words of Elf….THEY SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES


So interesting to see a debate about the logic/ sense of opening up the island reduced to brainless namecalling by both sides. No wonder this country is such a mess. If one cannot engage in logical sensible debate I see little point.




Going in about shit all the time people aren’t you. Holiday makers this and that. What about the prisoners brought in from across the UK and the officers who then return home to you all, And those same officers who the government haven’t provided any PPE at all… What about you going to have drinks with friends in the pub, cuddling kissing and even sex, but moan at someone without a mask in a bloody shop. What about cancer, heart attacks, just Flu alone last year in the UK killed 17,000 and more than 60% of Covid figures are false… Read more »


As a regular holiday visitor to IOW I am very surprised and disappointed to see that there are so many very aggressive comments from very poorly educated Islanders! There will be many visitors who present a risk of bringing a covid infection but the Govt has determined that this is an acceptable risk and Islanders need to behave accordingly.
We have been shielding for months and will continue to maintain our standards as far as possible. Islanders please reciprocate with appropriate behavior on your part!!!

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