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35-year-old Jonathan Richard Maertens from Freshwater has pleaded guilty to a string of sickening offences against children, including rape.

Maertens, of Richmond Meade off Princes Road, appeared at the Isle of Wight Crown Court today (Friday) where he admitted committing 34 separate offences.

As many as 9 different children are said to have been victims of Maertens, who has held his hands up to rape, sexual assault and making indecent images of children.

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He will now appear before the Isle of Wight Crown Court for sentencing on 23rd November this year. He will spend the next 6 weeks behind bars on remand.

Hampshire Constabulary has issued reassurance about the matter:

“We understand that this case will be of concern to the local community, but would ask that you do not to speculate on any circumstances.

“The children affected and their families have been provided with support from specialist staff throughout.

“This case is not connected with any other investigations”.

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Sometimes I wish we could just delete certain people from existence.

Geoff Hope

Richard, I am truly amazed that in these violent, care less, knowing the law is weak and jails are full, that those fathers, and men folk of these abused children have not ‘deleted’ this rubbish by now.
Every day people are stabbed, shot, beaten, yet someone like this, seems to be immune from violence and damage, whilst seemingly the most deserving of such.
Not saying it is right to take the law into your own hands, but just amazed someone hasn’t.

Martin Shoebridge

The problem with that is proper identification. It’s only after the event that true identification is apparent. Even then, there has to be proven guilt. In this case, guilt is admitted. I can’t publicly condone a vigilanty attitude but I see where you’re coming from. It would be tragic should an innocent party be incorrectly identified.


The sad thing is Geoff, people feel they have to take the law into their own hands because the justice system is too soft to give them the sentence they deserve.


Give him 1 year for each seperate offence thus = 34 years behind bars. No early release. People like him deserve no pity whatsoever. No excuses.

Old bean

Grrr vile disgusting scum

Steven Willet

We need to get our priorities right in this country.
We spend a lot of time on protecting our children from quite low risks H & S concerns such as playing conkers, yet authorities knowingly allow in more of this sort into our country yet cannot now find the room or the funds to jail our home grown child abusers.
These people can never be cured, so need jailing for life, or preferably executed which I would be willing to do.


Another 1 from freshwater nonce central princess rd too .

Mal Keating

I guess your Wroxall finest 7 fingered darts player.



Mrs grumpy

Pure scum!!!!!

Opinions Matter

Too right, keep him locked up and out of society. These ‘types’ need ejecting. Totally sick.


They should be castrated and blinded !!!


Bring back hanging for this kind of offence, with DNA proof is proof. The re-offending rate will be nil from that individual. And please no bleeding hearts about their rights. after this kind of offence they have not rights.,


I feel so upset that now we have a second person in Freshwater that is sexually abusive to children. How can this happen in such a lovely place with such lovely people?


Bring in the death penalty for these people scum

Ms Joanna M E Flowers

Can we please all remember that your posts will not hurt the offender. Have a care for the family.

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