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Island Line services have been suspended this afternoon (Sunday) due to urgent repairs to the railway.

All lines are blocked between Shanklin and Ryde Pier Head as a result of the emergency works.

Disruption is expected until 17:00, according to South Western Railway.

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The network will be completely closed for 3 months at the start of 2021 to facilitate upgrades to the railway ahead of the introduction of the new Class 484 trains, the first of which arrived on the Isle of Wight this week.

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Maybe the line upgrades should be started now rather than wait till next year.


New trains !

Pete Sandown

Wonder if it was caused by the new train going up the line to Ryde yesterday??

Them Apples

OMG, doesn’t bode well for when this is carrying a full load of passengers.

Let’s hope they test it well, as if the wheels are not in alignment with the old track, could become derailed.

Perhaps they could refurb the old ones?


Err, it travelled up on Fridya night/Saturday morning and this occurred on Sunday…

Gentle-man farmer

ear we goes
ownlee bin up
trak wunce bust
it all redy
wite elfant 2


Running again now

Tings that make you go, hmmm

This doesn’t bode to well. Be nice to know whats happening.

If this train wheels are slightly too wide perhaps it has buckled the old tracks which had ‘worn’ with the wheels of the old stock. Maybe the additional weight was too much for the old sleepers lying on soft ground, or the lowered track is water logged.

Best we keep the old ones here, for a while, just in case, as the VI said, could be Wight Elephant 2.

Amanda Ghost

Oh my goodness. Let’s hope we haven’t bought another bum-steer.

Petite Pots

Shame they are trying hard, but seems both the train and the track has had its day.

This is going to be costly, if the track is too old for the new trains. We had best hope they are more efficient a gathering fares as I can see trains being defunct here if they don’t make money.

Should all be made fit for steam trains but run a diesel or perhaps a battery powered on in quite Winter months.


were getting to track as well thats why its closing for 3 months


were getting new track as well thats why its closing for 3 months

Chad Mullen

This will only start off the guy who kept saying ‘tar mac the lot’. I guess he has a right to his view point. I would love to see the wonderful Havenstreet railway run this all, but the Winter trade would never keep such going. I hope it is an easy fix, for seems Island improvements are dogged with issues. Floating bridge, ferries keep breaking down or not running and now this. As the council fill our countryside with too many homes and way way too many people, the roads will become accident filled or grid locked at times, and… Read more »

Level Phil

The existing track probably dates from Victorian times and is clearly knackered. It hasn’t been looked after properly, and a journey along the line is rougher than being on a 1930’s rollercoaster. With new track and new old trains come next Easter, it will be smoother than a baby’s a**e. Probably. If it works, which on the Island is never a given.

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