Shops and businesses across the Island made sure their customers received a royal welcome in the run-up to the 4-day Jubilee celebrations last weekend. 

In Newport, the chairman of the Isle of Wight Council and her family were invited to take a stroll around the town visiting entrants to pick out some of their favourite window displays, fit for a Queen.

From cardboard cut-outs to hand-painted designs and glittering crowns, Councillor Claire Critchison said great imagination was shown in decorating windows for residents and visitors to enjoy.

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She said:

“It was great to see so many shops and businesses get into the spirit of things with some really fabulous eye-catching displays. There were so many amazing efforts and we had a lot of fun looking at them all.”

In no particular order, her top ten wow-factor windows were :

  • Hose Rhodes Dickson;
  • Pets With Hart;
  • Hurst;
  • Cafe Isola;
  • Independent Arts;
  • Dragonfly;
  • Master of Disguise;
  • Random second hand items;
  • Love Running;
  • British Heart Foundation.


There was also special recognition for:

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  • Random second hand items — most fun;
  • Cafe Isola — best red, white and blue;
  • Dragonfly — Platinum Award;
  • British Heart Foundation — overall favourite.

Councillor Critchison added:

“The overall effort of the British Heart Foundation display, with the beautiful tea party and red, white and blue items on display, as well as staff dressed up, was a perfect way to show off for the Jubilee.

“It stood out as special to all of the family.”

A similar tour of the town’s decorated shop windows was organised for the then council chairman for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee back in 2012.

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