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It has been confirmed that the main fundraising event of the year for the West Wight Sports and Community Centre – the Solent Swim – will go ahead this year as planned.

The event, due to be held on Saturday 29th August, will see swimmers making their way across the Solent from Hurst Castle to Colwell Bay – an estimated 1.3 miles.

Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely, who will be taking part in the swim again this year, said:

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“Swimming is a great passion of mine and, being the Island’s MP, it seemed an obvious fit for me to be swimming the Solent again.

“I was so pleased when the announcement came that swimming pools could reopen. I enjoyed swimming in the sea during lockdown but it was great to get back into the West Wight pool.

“This year it is more important than ever that the local community gets behind the West Wight Sports & Community Centre and raises money to keep the centre open.

“The centre is the beating heart of the West Wight community. It is not just a place to swim and exercise, it is a community hub supporting families and vulnerable people and it needs our help.”

Clare Griffin of West Wight Sports and Community Centre said:

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“We are so pleased that the Solent Swim is able to go ahead this year and, on behalf of the centre, I would like to thank all those who have agreed to support the event to make it happen.

“The Solent Swim is one of the main fundraising events for the centre and since our first event in 2010, more than 400 people have swum the Solent and raised over £200,000. I hope that we will be able to reach our fundraising target for this year.

“I’m pleased that Bob has agreed to take part again this year and I thank him for his ongoing support.”

Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so via Bob’s fundraising link at

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May have to change his name to never seen again..

Horse face

Whilst a paid day of swimming may endear him to a few, speaking out and ending the masse ruination of the Island by planning and developers would do so on a grander and lasting scale.
Yet appeasing the masses unless black is not currently in vouge, whereas money has never gone out of fashion.

Colin buchanan

I agree, when is enough building? When the island looks like the Spanish Costas?

Billy Cotton

Needs to do a bit more than he has to prove himself to Islanders.
Seems putting a brake on all these homes the council and his political party wants to build would be a good start.
They keeps allowing in and never returning all that lot coming over the England in boats every day, and untold others in Lorries, cars, containers etc.
Then they builds over our countryside to house those escaping to here to avoid such.
Sort that and he would be a good MP.

Mr Peck

One can only hope a pod of friendly Dolphins take him to some remote Isle. He has done NOTHING to prevent the terrible building over of East Wight.
If HE can’t do anything, then what hope or point in others trying?
We need an MP who not only lives here, but genuinely LOVES the Island as it is, and doesn’t just see it as a place to make cash, and then, once ruined move on.
Pennyfeathers should be stopped.


Were Horse Riders and cyclists consulted before this event Sausage Bob?

Christopher Davis

Clearly thinks there is sausages at the end! The man is an absolute joke and has no real interest in the majority of Islanders only in money to the few

Danny Gaul

Must get on like a house on fire with our council then. Birds of a feather…

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