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The Island’s RSPCA has launched an emergency appeal for funding to help it continue providing animal welfare services through the COVID-19 period and beyond.

Though demand for services remains, the charity has been unable to generate income through its network of fundraising shops because of lockdown, while business at its Bohemia Boarding animal lodgings has also been hit as dog and cat owners have had to cancel their holiday plans because of travel restrictions.

The charity is therefore launching an appeal for emergency funding to help it to continue to provide its animal welfare services.

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Suzanne Pugh, IW RSPCA branch manager, explains:

“Like other charities, we are seeing a demand for our services at a time when our ability to generate income is very low.

“Without a doubt our area of greatest need is monetary donations to cover costs such as medicines, vaccinations and surgeries. Financial donations in a crisis allow us to use it where it is most needed for the animals.

“Many people choose to donate products for animals throughout the year and, through this much-appreciated generosity, our food stocks are now currently very high which means we no longer require some animal foods. If you were considering donating food, as an alternative please consider donating the cost of the product instead.

Suzanne adds:

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“Activity may be restricted in some areas but here at the centre we continue to provide daily animal care. Life goes on for those animals who rely on us and there is a cost involved in providing that support.

“Just last week for example, we had to take four of our dogs to the mainland for emergency veterinary treatment. Though we get great support from Wightlink and are in partnership with an RSPCA medical facility on the mainland, there is still a cost to this sort of animal care.

“It won’t stop us admitting animals who require medical and surgical treatment, but we have to find the money for their care.”

Though affiliated to the national RSPCA, the Island organisation is stand-alone and must raise its own funds to provide its animal adoption and welfare services.

Suzanne concludes:

“Throughout the Covid-19 period there are still domestic and wild animals that depend on us. We have been extremely busy but we have not been able to rely on income from our network of shops or our Bohemia Boarding facilities, in fact we have had to refund many deposits for boarding reservations which has eaten into the revenues generated from that income stream.

“In effect we have been meeting the costs of caring for our animals but with only a fraction of the usual money coming in to support the work.

“We know it has been a difficult time for everyone, including our staff, but we really need some financial assistance to help our community’s animals out at this time. We have marvellous facilities here that were created out of designated legacies for that purpose – our Bohemia Boarding service has the top rating available – so the future should be bright but we need help right now while our fundraising activities remain affected by the pandemic.

“As this crisis intensifies animals need your help more than ever and we would ask anyone who can make a donation to do so via the donation button on our website or call 01983 840287 or Text RSPCAIOW to 70470 donate any amount. We need help right now to ensure we are able to provide our animal care services both now and in the future.”

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Miss Primmer

One idea, is a local phone number which we can call, rather than the tedious long winded saga of trying to phone the mainland, and then explain to someone who doesn’t even know where the Island is, let alone a remote field location of an injured animal.   Even IF I had to pay a premium for calling someone local it would be worth it. And they could easily avoid abuse etc with todays technology if ‘that’ is the REAL reason they use for NOT having local RSPCA calls now as they once did.   Many such cruelty and suffering… Read more »

Jimbo Barton

are cat runed away wonce. no come back not now


I don’t understand why the RSPCA website has had no dogs for adoption for some considerable time now.


The RSPCA has a long drawn out policy for folk who want to adopt animals, whilst I understand the need to vet people who want animals they need to make the process much simpler then more folk would be able to adopt and help.

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