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A large scale, multi-agency search and rescue operation is underway in Shanklin tonight (Wednesday) in a bid to rescue 2 persons in the water.

Bembridge and Ventnor Coastguard Rescue Teams, Coastguard Rescue 175 helicopter, Sandown & Shanklin Independent Lifeboat, the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service and Police have all been called to Shanklin seafront.

The emergency services were tasked at approximately 20:45 following concerns for 2 people in the water.

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A rendezvous point has been established at the far southern end of Shanklin Esplanade.


UPDATE @ 21:30 – 2 females have been rescued from the water – 1 by a member of the public and the other by Sandown & Shanklin Independent Lifeboat.

The casualties are now in the care of paramedics from the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service and are being conveyed to St Mary’s Hospital, Newport.

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A member of public has reported a ‘strong smell of alcohol’ coming from the duo as they were placed into the ambulance.

Sandown & Shanklin Independent Lifeboat and Coastguard Rescue 175 helicopter are now standing down from the incident with all persons accounted for.

UPDATE @ 21:45 – The incident has now been closed with Coastguard Rescue Teams returning to station.


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Drinking and swimming dont mix send them the rescue bill !!


Yep probably been drinking at The Waterfront all day. Seen as how that bar has been selling alcohol now for a while!!
Definitely send them the rescue bill, must have cost thousands!! Grrrr.


Waterfront shut all day.


3 police cars for two people in the water?
Presumably they were specially modified aquatic ones.
Can’t be very reliable though if they had to bring a spare though.


Do get a grip folks! We have no idea, how these two people ended up in the water, and speculation as to the reasons is not helpful, even if proved right. The police have to treat all incidents in the same way….and in these days of people not social distancing, thus breaking the law, they may have had very good reason to send 3 police cars, to prevent ignorant onlookers getting too close (rubberneckers in my day)! That along with not being fully aware of the situation, as to how many more people were present and/or involved would make things… Read more »


Is this the upshot of “Take Away” pub drinks?

Dave Manning

Should of left them
Wasting valuable resources
Pissed up [email protected]
There’s a pandemic !!!!

Martin (Ryde)

Very good..


Selfish drunks wasting emergency service time, bill them

Pondering IOW

What is going on lately! Constant car crashes, folk needing rescue from water etc. It’s gone bonkers lately!! Covid? Just crazy generally!!


Your not wrong there what’s up with these people 10 weeks of lockdown and people have lost all sense God help us if our lock down was like abroad they really had to stay in we would not cope comming out it’s gone mad out there it’s the emergency services I feel for people should be fined if miss using the services


Name and shame the drunks


Should be given so many hours beach cleaning
so many beer cans and other rubbish to clean up.

Martin W

Strange how alcohol and swimming don’t mix, yet the councillor who owns several seaside outlets in Ryde is selling alcohol.
As usual, so long as they are making cash morals vanish.

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