As a trader or investor, you already know how rapid asset figures can shift. One latest headway, which rhymes with the dynamical nature of sales, is Admiral Markets rebranding its name and logo to Admirals. The primary advantage of this news is that this leading broker will introduce several new features that will boost its ever-widening client base.

The History Of Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets came into the market in 2001, and it’s regarded as a pre-eminent Contract of Differences and Forex broker that operates in more than 40 countries. It’s rated as a safe online broker controlled in four countries, including by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

For its platform, Admiral Markets falls under the international brokers that rely only on Meta Trader. However, Admirals outshines these brokers because of its robust add-on tools, research, and education offerings.

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For over 20 years, this firm has been providing its ever-growing client base as a secure way of controlling its investments. The company aims to build on this success, and as a result, it looks to introduce new features. Rebranding its name to Admirals rhymes with the platform changing to a unified personal finance hub.

Admiral Markets’ Recent 20th Anniversary

Admiral Markets celebrated its 20th anniversary uniquely, whereby changing its name was one of the primary agendas. As per Admiral Markets’ Chairman Sergei Bogatenkov, rebranding the name is an open step to display the company’s position as a business. The chairman promised the clients to expect changes but assured them that Admiral Markets’ client-oriented approach and aspect as a business disruptor would remain the same. Unlike the previous platform that focused more on clients, the new one aims to introduce investor priorities.

What Does The Rebranding Signify?

As per Admiral Markets’ Chairman Sergei Bogatenkov, the move to rebrand the company name and logo signifies that the firm no longer only works as a Contract of Differences and Forex broker but has also put across more ambitious broader goals.

The most obvious transition brought about by this rebranding is in the form of website aesthetics. As per the new logos, the transition focuses less on revolution and more on evolution. But there are more considerable advancements taking place behind the scenes.

The new platform will deliver integrated solutions for managing, investing, and spending funds. Admirals will offer a more broad service and make it easy for clients to simplify their finance management by relying on the upgraded platform that’s more of a single-stop shop.

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Trading will still appear under the crucial elements of this service. However, the upgraded platform will allow clients to access several services and products. All these services and products will ensure that personal finance remains easy to access and transparent.

Admiral Markets’ Chairman Sergei Bogatenkov says, “Admirals is an international financial hub that disrupts the FinTech industry on an intercontinental level.” The company aims to smoothen personal finance in the coming ten years for more than 10 million individuals from all parts of the world.

Rebranding the name to Admirals does not mean the clients will lose all the company’s unique features. Clients will still access the 8,000 plus markets to trade because Admiral Markets will continue to deliver cost-effective trading and several asset groups.

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Also, clients will continue to enjoy the super-robust regulatory framework. Admirals’ global offices will continue to work under the highly known market regulators, including Estonia’s EFSA, Australia’s AFSL, EU’s CySEC, and the UK’s FCA. The clients will also continue to access extra care services, like client funds segregation, after-sales support, volatility settings, and negative balance protection.

Generally, some of the changes brought by this rebranding focus on particular products, while other upgrades focus on enhanced user experience and functionality. Admiral Markets rebranded its name to reflect a shift in client habits. With this upgrade, consumers will find it easy to manage their wallets and accounts from one place. This upgrade also means consumers will access funds with less hassle.


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