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‘Queen Victoria’ recently arrived at Ventnor Cricket Club for a curry night hosted each weekend by Charles and Nika Andrew of Wight Curry.

Charles – who is from India and plays cricket on the 3rd team – said of the real Queen Victoria: “Her favourites were chicken curry and dahl.”

Court etiquette meant everyone’s plates were whisked away as soon as Her Majesty put down her cutlery. She was served 1st and really enjoyed her food, which meant courtiers had scarcely started their meal.  They hardly dared talk for fear of going hungry.

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Thankfully, the Andrews serve an all-you-can-eat buffet, so there was no danger of others missing out when costumed impersonator Julie Croydon turned up.

Queen Vic Pantoloons
Queen Victoria below the waist.

Julie said:

“It’s such good value that my husband and I come most weeks. Having made various outfits, I thought it would be fun to come as Victoria. The hooped underskirt makes sitting down precarious, so I had to make some pantaloons as well”


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Rupert Marks
Rupert Marks
12 days ago

Oh dear! Showing Her Majesty below the legs is treason. But Her Majesty on the island. A very big honour, Your Majesty, and apologies for showing your legs.

11 days ago

Amazing curry and great Value – it’s a must do.


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