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UPDATE @ 22:00 – Power has now been restored.

A power cut is affecting homes and businesses in Newport this evening (Saturday), but homes as far away as Ryde have reported a flickering of the lights.

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The main network outage hit at 19:40 in the area of Parkhurst.

A total of 67 postcode areas in PO30 4 and PO30 5 have been affected.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks say engineers are aware of the fault and the company aims to have power restored by 23:00 tonight.

67 known affected area(s)
PO30 4EJ
PO30 4NA
PO30 5BZ
PO30 5ES
PO30 5EZ
PO30 5GH
PO30 5HP
PO30 5HR
PO30 5HT
PO30 5HU
PO30 5HX
PO30 5HY
PO30 5HZ
PO30 5JA
PO30 5JB
PO30 5JN
PO30 5LD
PO30 5NL
PO30 5NN
PO30 5NP
PO30 5NR
PO30 5NS
PO30 5NT
PO30 5NU
PO30 5NW
PO30 5NX
PO30 5PB
PO30 5PD
PO30 5PE
PO30 5PF
PO30 5PG
PO30 5PH
PO30 5PJ
PO30 5PL
PO30 5PN
PO30 5PQ
PO30 5PR
PO30 5PS
PO30 5PT
PO30 5RS
PO30 5RT
PO30 5RU
PO30 5RX
PO30 5RY
PO30 5RZ
PO30 5SA
PO30 5SB
PO30 5SD
PO30 5SE
PO30 5SF
PO30 5SH
PO30 5TB
PO30 5TD
PO30 5TE
PO30 5TF
PO30 5TH
PO30 5TJ
PO30 5TP
PO30 5TY
PO30 5TZ
PO30 5UP
PO30 5US
PO30 5WB
PO30 5WH
PO30 5WN
PO30 5WU
PO30 5XW

For further information about this power cut call the dedicated helpline by dialling 105.

Alternatively, you can send SSEN a message on Facebook or Twitter (@ssencommunity).

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App: Did you know SSEN also have a mobile phone app where you can report, locate, track and subscribe to faults in your area?

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Good luck in the pubs, trying to social distance in the dark .


Back on now in Parkhurst area. Thank you Electricity people.


Here we go again same old same old power shedding or is it trying to keep pubs and restaurants closed


Damn! I thought it was the last person leaving turning out the lights!

Old bean

Steve shut up talking sh t

Joe Bloggs

He can’t help it, the power was off so he couldn’t see which keys to press.


Go back to sleep and then tomorrow you can look for some candles cos you’re sure gonna need them this winter

Perry Hill

Could be ‘growers’ heat and light lamps in sheds, lofts, basements, and garages drawing too much power, overloading the system.
The new infra red sensors can spot growing tents in such.

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