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2 Police officers responding to an emergency call were injured in a road traffic collision on Coppins Bridge yesterday afternoon (Friday).

At 15:36, a collision between a Volkswagen Passat and a Police car occurred on the busy Coppins Bridge gyratory in the heart of Newport.

Hampshire Constabulary says that the Police vehicle was on blue lights and sirens at the time of the crash, responding to an emergency call on the Island.

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Other Police officers rushed to the scene alongside colleagues from the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service.

The Police vehicle was double crewed and both officers sustained injuries. They were transported to St Mary’s Hospital, but thankfully both have now been released after being assessed.

The driver of the Volkswagen Passat was unharmed.

Enquiries are ongoing.

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Old bean

Blue lights siren if he jumped the lights he’s still breaking the law

Eve Shipman

Old bean is correct.

Regardless of the emergency situation, the police still have to drive with due care and attention. They are trained to drive fast in an emergency but they must never forget that the general public may be unable to react as fast as they can.

It is not unusual for a member of the public to panic when a vehicle answering an emergency call suddenly appears in front of them or in the mirror.

All you idiots who voted Old bean down are, obviously, perfect drivers.

Old bean

Thank you


As someone who has made a living from emergency driving for 16 years, I can honestly say most drivers do their best for us, the main challenge as I see it, is the ridiculous council policies, pinch points, and the B&Q roundabout has been a joke for the emergency services.

Them Apples

Best we vote the council OUT then, before they take over traffic control.

Lady Dunstanding

The Council pleading with Government to take control of speeding was a ruse, a diversion. No pun intended.. The following motion(approved) in chambers was to ask ministers for powers to control height, weight, and width restrictions on all Island roads. Motion passed. This is so more presently inaccessible roads and country lanes under current national safety legislation, may become areas where the Council can put lorries and large plant and build many more houses. They tried to slip that one past us, but I know.

Last edited 5 days ago by Lady Dunstanding
Bing Bong

I hope the officer who crashed has been tested for Drugs & Alcohol….


It won’t happen! However the other driver will be…

Shanklin Steve

It will happen, all Police Officers involved in an accident are tested.


How do you know?? Judging by live videos I have seen on utube, its amazing the length our police force will go to protect their colleagues.

I do respect our police, however don’t think for one moment our police force are all law-abiding.

Lady Dunstanding

I refer you to my answers above. Regards.


Another conspiracy theorist hooked on ‘auditor’ videos..

Voice of reason

In any accident the driver will be tested at the roadside if they are capable and pretty sure that in the case of emergency services they will be grounded until after investigation.

Lady Dunstanding

Thanks for your expert knowledge, Shankln Steve. I was hit by a car doing 65mph in a city centre, driven by an off-duty police officer. I sustained a fractured skull in three places, a brain haemorrhage, and subsequent mild(!) epilepsy. I died for nearly four minutes, but because the driver’s pride and joy Jap crap motor was a write-off, the driver had his lawyers bill, me as a pedestrian for his car….! Only thing that stopped the Police prosecuting me for damage to the very drunk occifer’s car was the fact that in the eyes of modern law nobody comes… Read more »


IE: ‘gyratory’, not ‘gyrotory’.


shut up


I’m not talking about the chav culture, I’m referring to good stock.


What’s this got to do with the story? Am I missing something!


At Coppin’s Bridge especially, you may hear sirens and glimpse blue lights but its often very difficult to quickly establish where the hell they’re coming from or in which direction the’re going.


Modern sirens are extremely difficult to identify direction of sound travel and the closer they get the direction seems to change, go back to the good old two bells you always knew where they were.

Ray miller

Police even when on blues and twos still have to drive with due care and attention and the officer driving will not be able to drive a police vehicle until the incident is investigated

Helen Highwater

Dangerous place, Coppins Bridge. How fortunate that our omniscient Council have taken steps to shift all St Mary’s congestion down the road!

Emma b

Well I for one hope the two police officers and all concerned are doing ok. Why people always feel the need to be negative and go off on a tangent on here I don’t know. X

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