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Police have been called to investigate the circumstances of a fire at a block of flats in Freshwater this morning (Friday).

2 fire appliances from Freshwater and Newport were mobilised to Jubilee Close off Camp Road at around 07:30.

Island Echo is told that crews were responding to reports of a fire located behind the front door of a ground floor flat, suggesting that something flammable may have been placed through the letterbox.

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Newport’s wholetime crew were quickly stood down but the retained crew from Freshwater remain on scene.

Police have arrived at the address to carry out further investigations.

Hampshire Constabulary has been approached for a statement

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How do you now the address was a drug dealer.

Grumpy old git

Did you used to have lots of ‘Z’s in your name at one time? Just a thought.


Good essay


You appear to have inside knowledge. Seay?


Bob Dylan said, ‘you don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows’ and anyway, I was wrong on ‘this’ occasion, as apparently a noisy dog was the cause, so, just ‘normal’ response in social housing today then.

Sorry for the sixty year old, and IF you read my post, I said, that innocent people get caught up in low lives issues, be it drugs, or a sensitive ear hole driven to kill innocents because of a yapping dog.

Wouldn’t get that in Bembridge or Seaview. Charity kept people are more volatile it would seem.


Why don’t you shut up ,the owner started the fire after threatening the other occupants they were going to kill them for telling them to sort their dog out .one of the occupants happens to be my mother in her 60s it was nothing to do with drugs


He didn’t do it he only went to get his daughter milk tokens and the time dont matcy5

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