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Despite the newly-implemented government restrictions and second lockdown, the Robin Hill team remain dedicated to providing a truly magical Christmas experience for Islanders this year.

The second instalment of POLAR, the park’s winter woodland spectacular, is due to start on the 12th December; with 7 exclusive evenings of festive delight planned.

Alexander Dabell, Managing Director of Vectis Ventures, says:

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“Given the current situation, we understand that futures remain somewhat uncertain; but, as always at Vectis Ventures, we’re determined to make the most of it and really hope to be able to celebrate Christmas with our wonderful guests this year. I’m certainly looking forward to wishing them, alongside our staff, suppliers and partners, a very Merry Christmas!”

This year’s event is being planned in accordance with all Government guidelines and the park’s exemplary COVID-safe measures will remain in place.

Guests wanting to experience the magic of Christmas with an array of festive entertainment at Robin Hill’s POLAR this year can book their visit in confidence.

The park have confirmed that in the event of the government or local authority requiring the experience to be cancelled, a full refund wiil be issued to all ticket holders.

With just 7 dates planned from the 12th – 23rd December, there’s limited availability and tickets are available online now for just £17.00 per person.

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More details can be found at www.robin-hill.com/POLAR.

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Karn Evil 9

If you care about your family and other peoples families don’t buy any tickets.


If you care about how the staff are going to feed their families then please do. We cant stay locked up for life. Just do it safely.

Ted Lacy

AW, this is the UK not some third world nation; yet, there is no need other than selfish greed, or gross stupidity why children should ‘go without’ The benefit system is the same for ‘all’. No one receives less than anyone else, and the amounts account for numbers of children etc. It is hardly coincidence that since much of the third world arrived here, WE have taken on their traits, NOT the other way around and now we see due to our welfare system and maternity wards being overloaded with such, problems for our own people. Yet still there is… Read more »


AW luckily the footballer who pushed for this will be getting all his rich football friends to pay and work for free all over the Christmas period to feed children so the parents can spend their benefit on what to them is the ‘more’ essential things in life. There again, in the real world, he will live the life of luxury, whilst others work for free, and we all pay for ‘parents’ who would rather put their children last on the list of ‘priorities’ knowing and using their children who they know will be ‘feed’ by other suckers, so will… Read more »

Karn Evil 9

If the staff are on furlough, what’s the problem?

Ted Lacy

Fully agree Karn, problem is many parents now are all too quick to wish to find anything, even if it risks their elderly or vulnerable family members lives to ‘entertain’ their children, as they can’t be bothered to themselves.

Long as there are burgers and fizz, and some illuminated rubbish to gawp at for a couple of hours, there they will all be.

Karn Evil 9

Thank you Ted

Level Phil

Totally agree. Stop these idiot schemes now, furlough the staff, and hopefully we can look forward to lots of tacky events next Easter.


People on here are so miserable, what’s wrong with having a nice evening at a relatively safe place? If I had kids, I would rather take them here for an evening than have to send them to school every day where they’re stuck in confined spaces.

Ted Lacy

Human, today, as you have, people confuse ‘miserable’ with doing the ‘right’ thing. Hence the world is in the mess it is in. Whilst as you say the event will be at a ‘relatively’ safe place, ‘relatively’ is not good enough when a killer or life changing virus can be caught. It is worrying enough to take a child where they have to go, to the doctor, school etc, BOTH considered ‘relatively’ safe places, but as we see NOT safe enough. Children are not like adults, and will touch things where others have touched, then perhaps touch their eyes, mouth,… Read more »

Last edited 16 days ago by Ted Lacy
Karn Evil 9

That is so well written Ted, I agree 100% with all that.


Yes it seem a lot of people on here want Auschwitz. They are the sort of people who need to be told when to breathe by their big daddy government. One giant prison for all is their desire.

2 late

Pepe, yet YOU ‘people’ will be EXPECTING this ‘daddy Government to fit them up to a ventilator to help them ‘breathe’ when CV hits them or their families. Or will you just choke to death at home, too embarrassed to admit you were wrong?

Fear not you don’t use your real name, so no-one will know.

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