Commissioner Donna Jones has launched her new Police and Crime Plan, ‘More Police, Safer Streets’, which sets the strategic direction and priorities for policing across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight for the next 3 years. 

‘More Police, Safer Streets’ builds on the pledges Commissioner Jones made when she was elected in May 2021 to recruit 600 more police officers, increase visibility and to make communities safer. The Plan features 9 priorities for policing including increasing the visibility of the police, setting up an Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) taskforce to reduce harm, improvements to the 101 crime reporting system and priorities for tackling high harm crimes, such as knife crime, rape and homicides.

The full Plan can be read at

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The Commissioner said:

“My vision is for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to be the safest places to live, work and visit in the country. ‘More Police, Safer Streets’ sets out the policing priorities for the next three years to achieve this. All nine of the priorities in the Plan gained significant support from the public.

“We need things to change across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. People want the police to respond to medium and lower level crime reporting and they want to feel safer in their local communities. As your Commissioner that’s my job. By working with the Chief Constable and partners I am going to make our communities safer for you and your family.”

The priorities set out in ‘More Police, Safer Streets’ are:

  • 600 more police officers by 2023
  • Improve police visibility
  • Tackle anti-social behaviour
  • Improve the 101 service
  • Prevent young people from committing crimes
  • Zero tolerance approach to knife crime
  • Crack down on illegal encampments
  • Improved outcomes for victims
  • Targeting rural crime

Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney gives her support for the Plan:

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“The Plan set out by the Police and Crime Commissioner is really welcome. The Plan helps me to further develop and implement the operational strategy for the force. The recruitment of the new police officers mean we can be more accessible and visible but it also means we can deal with more crimes that matter to people. More officers will be able to address matters in the Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan and also bring more offenders to justice, which is what we all want to achieve.”

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7 days ago

It’s obvious if you have more visible police crime will decrease and save tax payers for Court, Probation and prison. Can easily then fund more deterants for young people – bring back youth workers to engage and support youngsters too.

7 days ago

There should be zero tolerance of drug dealing also, there’s no mention of that, which has taken off in our village over the past few years.
– Locally we have seen drug dealing going on openly, which continues unchecked despite so many of us reporting it. It seems the Police have chosen to turn a blind eye – but it affects us all. Local children influenced by peer pressure have been ensnared and there are now some very sinister disturbed individuals about, who have clearly been damaged mentally through drugs.
This is what one might expect in the inner city, not in a rural village. How have the authorities allowed this marked deterioration ?

7 days ago

Trouble is, it is just more rhetoric! Can we not actually SEE more Police on duty, perhaps even, dare I say, Walking the streets? However, whilst prolific repeat offenders are basically let off every single day by our cowardly Magistrates, we will see absolutely NO change despite Ms Jones best intentions.


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