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Parkhurst prison – part of HMP Isle of Wight – has been rated as being the worst in the country for visitor access, unsurprising given the Island location.

Stuart Miller Solicitors has gathered data from the most recent report by HM Chief Inspectorate of Prisons to reveal the best and worst rated prisons across England and Wales.

The data collected is based on factors rated most important by inmates across a range of categories such as; visitor accessaccommodation, food and cleanliness, ratings. Analysis of the data has shown where to find the top 10 best and worst prisons, the best female/male prisons, as well as rankings for overcrowding levels, healthcare, and education accessibility.

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On the Isle of Wight, inmates at Parlhurst were asked to rate the prison on the degree to which friends and family could easily access the prison by car or public transport. All ratings have been compiled from an anonymous survey of current inmates from the most recent report by HM Chief Inspectorate of Prisons.

The graph below shows that HMP Isle of Wight (Parkhurst) takes the top spot with the lowest ranking of 10.25% – not entirely surprising given the cost of getting to the Isle of Wight and the logistics of crossing the Solent.

All rankings and further information can be found at

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Just leave the doors and gates open then. Doh


Who cares? They are prisoners, don’t end up in prison then you won’t have to deal with it.


Good, we don’t need their clones and muvers of, coming, and perhaps then moving here to add to our own criminal residents here.

Why Bother

It’s not just Parkhurst, many of the islands other large hotels are struggling these days.


Omg!!!!! it’s like reading tripadvisor before you go on holiday. Bearing in mind it’s not supposed to be butlins. Sorry but if you can’t do the time, don’t commit the crime. Also due to a majority of the offenders on the IOW are sex offenders. Personally I would like to put them on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Then pull out the plug. Crazy world we are living in.

Old bean

Why bother love you comment they are all horrible scum in there anyway who gives a sh t

none given

Good – I am glad to see the Island prison excelling at something. These individuals have had their freedom removed from them, because they are too inept, weak or just plain arseholes and society has decided that it doesn’t want them around and removes them to these secure locations. The inmates aren’t going to be praising the cuisine and room service are they, so why even bother asking – it is HMP as in prison, not a Hotel. These inmates did not go online to last minute dot com and book a short stay in parkhurst – their breathtaking incompetence… Read more »

Don't tell him pike.

Do we care low life scum bags don’t like it?
No we don’t. Let them rot .


Perhaps there was not enough fruit provided for their visitors?

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